Teachers play an important role in our lives and for time immemorial the ‘Guru Parampara’ has found a significant place in Indian tradition.

A Teacher Teaching The Children

Call them guru, mentor, or even guide; their willingness to help unconditionally at all junctures in life plays a crucial role in shaping our lives, sometimes perhaps destiny.

Modern science and researchers believe that a leading hand in the form of a teacher leaves a great impact on a child’s life and is very important for their mental, physical and emotional growth.

Along with the parents, it is only a teacher can offer immense contribution in shaping a child’s personality and pave a way for their bright future. 

Why A Child Needs Good Teacher?

Holistic Growth: Teachers can play a vital role in the holistic development of a child on par with their parents and other family members. In the very early stages of their lives, children tend to seek inspiration from their teachers, in acquiring skills, understanding and being responsive to others need.

In other words, the social skills of each child get imbibed into them by their teacher and quickly learn various developmental skills of life.

Nurturing Lives: The words and actions of a teacher leave significant impact on a child’s life. A friendly, open-minded teacher can make a child feel comfortable in the school and exercise a great power in bringing a positive change. As the child grows, teacher becomes a real guide in nurturing each and every talent and also making them independent at the same time.

Emotional Well-Being: The role of a teacher in supporting the emotional well-being of a child can be both rewarding and challenging. It is a great task to help a child to realize the true potential, take up challenges, nurture healthy relationships that will go long way in shaping their bright future.

Confident Interactions: Social interactions are much needed for a child’s growth. Teachers guide children in developing healthy, confident interactions, helping others, playing together and it helps them in developing confidence at every stage of life. Expressing thoughts, feelings in appropriate ways can only be taught by teachers.

Reading Habits: Reading habits; not just school books but good literature begins at an early age and teachers establish the best ways of learning through reading. Introducing kids to good books, moral stories, arts, crafts and puzzles help kids in maintaining a positive attitude and make books their friends for a lifetime! 

On this Teacher’s Day, Netmeds.com Wishes and Thanks All Teachers In Shaping and Guiding The Younger Generation Of India Towards Development and Growth.