A good diet is the cornerstone of health and the perfect start to treat asthma. Asthma Research Practice 2015 Journal states that obesity increase the risk of asthma. Eating healthy goes a long way in maintaining body weight. There are no special foods that you must limit but  certain foods may trigger asthma symptoms. The ideal way to control your Asthma is to find out those triggers and rule them out in your diet.


Some Of The Best Foods For Asthma:


The very old saying that "An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away" holds good for Asthma. A British study found that people who eat 2-5 apples a week had 32% lower risk of Asthma than people who ate less. Flavonoids, an antioxidant in apple is vital in opening airways.


Cantaloupe (muskmelon), oranges, amala are all foods rich in vitamin C, which is an indispensable antioxidant that may ward off lung damage by fighting free radicals. A study conducted in Japan found that children with the highest intake of foods rich in vitamin C were less likely to suffer from asthma than those with lower intake.


Crunchy carrots are everyone's favorite veggies, rich in beta-carotene. Studies suggest, beta-carotene reduces the incidence of exercise- induced asthma.


Grapes have the anti-inflammatory qualities, reduces inflammation in lungs that cause asthma. Resveratrol in grapes reduces inflammation in lungs and expel mucus and phlegm from airways.


Load your diet with the easy to go banana, as it is proven to help people with asthma. Banana relaxes the smooth bronchial muscle.


Coffee is the most sort out refreshment drink. Good news for all coffee lovers is that caffeinated coffee moderately improves airway function for up to four hours after consumption. Even black tea might be beneficial as well.

Some of the foods to avoid:


The egg is one of the common food triggers in children. Those who are prone to have an allergic attack due to eating eggsmay want to avoid it. Eggs may increase the risk of asthmatic attack.


Peanut is a very common allergic food for children as well as adults. It also provokes a fatal allergic reaction in asthmatics.

MSG (mono sodium glutamate), salty foods, cow's milk, soy, wheat & shell fish are some of the foods which trigger asthma attack.

Enjoy Super Foods and Breathe Easy!!!!!