MS Dhoni, the brand ambassador of Netmeds is ringing in his 37th birthday today. His diet and fitness regime is a matter of great interest, and Dhoni is considered to be one of the fittest sportpersons in the country. 

A Desi Diet keeps Dhoni Superfit

Here’s the lowdown on what MS Dhoni eats stay healthy and fit: 

Desi food, no fad diets

According to him, nothing is healthier than a good mix of Indian food which ranges from a protein-rich diet or a carb-heavy one. For this reason, Dhoni finds himself always choosing comfort food that's homemade. 

He is a great lover of Indian food and likes to eat dal chawal, butter chicken, roti, vegetables and makes it a point to have 1 litre of milk per day (be it milk or curd as part of his regular diet. His diet regimen for a day is extremely light and healthy. 

Breakfast: A wholesome breakfast comprising of porridge accompanied with a glass of milk, fresh fruits and nuts. 

Lunch/Dinner: For lunch and dinner, it is the usual roti or chawal with dal or chicken (for the extra proteins) added with a mixed green salad which helps meet the nutrient requirements of his body. 

Snacks: A chicken sandwich with yoghurt is his favourite munch when hungry in the evening. 

During matches and practice sessions, he is often seen sipping protein drinks and fresh juices. This helps in keeping himself hydrated and also boosts his energy and stamina levels. He avoids soda and soft drinks too. 

Here's what you can learn from MS Dhoni’s Diet Plan: 

Avoid foods with high-fat content. 

Protein powders are an isolated nutrient source, it provides a lot of nutrition for relatively few calories. A sportsperson requires considerable amounts of proteins above the normal recommended daily allowance for maintenance, repair, and growth of muscle mass. 

Dhoni’s Fitness Secrets 

Stephen Fleming the coach quoted saying that M.S Dhoni is incredibly fit. As the wicketkeeper of the team, Dhoni requires to sits in the squatting position for hours. Squats are one of the most intense workout exercises in themselves and one needs to be in great shape to be able to crouch like that throughout the innings.