Do you have that friend who is always feasting on pizzas and fries and yet has the perfect, toned physique? Their body just ignores those junk calories, doesn’t it? Well, not really! The reason they can eat all they want and not get fat is because they have a good metabolic rate. 

Boost Your Metabolism

What is Metabolism? 

Metabolism of food is your body’s ability to break down your meal and convert it into energy. The faster your body can do this, the less likely it is to store what you’ve consumed as fat.  We all dream to have that perfect physique just like Bollywood celebrities, but we ignore that metabolism is a crucial factor in determining our body shape. 

Understand Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) 

BMR refers to the minimum calories required by your body to sustain itself in order to conduct bodily functions. Managing the surplus calories over the BMR can help you gain an ideal weight. 

Know Your Genetic Code

We are predisposed to metabolising certain foods better than others. Therefore, all healthy food options may not be so healthy for everyone. So, it is essential to know the foods that are easily metabolised by your body and the ones that are not. 

Eat More Frequently & Avoid Dieting

Spreading your daily caloric intake over small meals tells your body know that there is a constant source fueling its internal engine and there is no need to create additional reserves. Dieting, however, slows down your metabolism and increases hunger pangs and cravings, which is not a sustainable strategy for keeping the weight off and your metabolism triggered.

Exercise Often and Build Lean Muscle Mass

Exercising frequently ensures that your body metabolises calories faster. Depending on your personal goals, try out a mix of weight training and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Burpees, mountain climbers and lunges are great exercises that can help boost your metabolism levels.

Consume Quality Protiens

Quality protein sources such as lentils, beans, dairy products, lean meats, fish, whey supplements, will help pack some muscle.

Additionally, the body uses a lot more energy to synthesize (TEF) protein as compared to carbohydrates and fats.

Consume Natural Metabolism Boosters

A good daily intake of water has many benefits, boosting metabolism is one of them. Including chillies, cayenne pepper, cinnamon and ginger in your diet helps boost metabolism as well.

Follow these and lead a healthy life!

Contributed By GNC