The sizzling summer has set in we are all experiencing exhaustion as a result of the hot weather. A major factor that helps you to stay cool during summer is your diet, and when it comes a good mix of health and hydration, look no further than the humble cucumber to detoxify and rehydrate your body.

 Cucumbers are one of the healthiest vegetables that purifies the body both inside and out. Every cool bite of this refreshing and nutritionally dense vegetable is filled with nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Riboflavin, B-6, Folate, Pantothenic acid, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Zinc and Silica. A low-calorie vegetable, a 100-gram portion of cucumber is just 16 calories.

Top benefits of cucumber

1. Hydrates the body

Cucumbers are 95% water. They aid to keep the body well-hydrated and nourish by removing toxins. The presence of high water content in cucumbers works as a body cleanser and helps clear waste products out of the body.

2. Rejuvenates the skin

Cucumber is a store house of potassium and vitamin E that does wonder to your skin:

  • Aids in reducing the puffiness of the eyes and even the dark circles around the eyes.
  • Effective in treating blemishes and brightens the skin.
  • Helps in cleansing the skin and opening the pores.
  • Soothes the skin from sunburns and removes the suntans.

Expert Tips

Apply cucumber juice on the face to make you look refreshed and place cucumber pieces over the eyes to reduce wrinkles and puffiness.

3. Strong gums and fresh breath

A simple way to treat bad breath is to place a piece of cucumber on the roof of your mouth for 30 seconds that beats odour-causing bacteria. Traditional Ayurvedic medicine has also found that cucumber cools down excess heat in your stomach, which is the root cause of bad breath. Studies also reveal that drinking cucumber juice can help heal oral problems such as weak gums and pyorrhea.

4. Promotes digestive health

Cucumber is a good source of fibre and the high-water content is a great aid for digestive regularity. Insoluble fibre in the cucumber skin allows food to pass through digestive tract quickly.

An ideal snack to munch on in summer, regular consumption of cucumber aids to relieve digestive problems such as gastritis, heartburn, acidity, ulcers and constipation.

5. Regulates blood pressure

Cucumbers are a powerhouse of fibre, potassium, and magnesium. These nutrients are effective in reducing blood pressure. Further, its diuretic properties, owing to its high potassium and water content, also aids to regulate blood pressure.

6. Ideal for weight loss

An ideal vegetable that fills you up adding bulk to your meals. With just 16 calories in a serving, cucumbers are nutritionally dense and free food that can be consumed more to keep you satiated.

Cucumbers are the best healing food for this summer so relish the treat.

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