The Ayurvedic system of medicine understands the rhythm of nature - cycle of seasons, the shift of day and night, which affect human beings. It holds ancient secrets to living a balanced and accomplished life. Ayurvedic treatments help a person to live in harmony with the environment as per unique qualities and specific needs. Well, to be in pace with nature also entails being in pace with individual doshas - Pitta, Kapha and Vatta – the energy of metabolism, lubrication, and movement. Thus, it is essential to adapt to these climatic changes in the environment by making certain modifications in diet, incorporating herbs, and exercising for staying hale and healthy all through the year. Furthermore, winter is the perfect time to spice up life. Digestive fire is strong at this time of year, which is the reason we tend to eat a little more than we might in the summer. Certain herbs and spices can help to keep the body warm and stimulate the digestive fire.
Herbs for winter

Here’s a list of tridoshic herbs that you should be stocking up on during the Vata and Kapha seasons of fall and winter, that are known to benefit everyone. Adding these herbs may confer you with amazing wellness incentives including:

Enhanced Digestion

Robust Immunity

Increased Cellular vitality


Boost Energy Levels

Uplift Mental Health

Herbs For Enhanced Health

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Haritaki is famed as a “remover of diseases” and a key element found in any armoury of active, supportive and rejuvenate herbal formulation. It is one of three ingredients of the Triphala, which is well-known to pacify tridoshas. Taking this powder twice a day helps to build a robust immune system by lowering cell damage due to free radicals and triggers immunomodulatory activities. While haritaki is also a strong digestive stimulant and lung tonic that detoxify and cleanses the lymphatic tissues. The natural purifying properties of haritaki works wonders in rejuvenating skin cells and uplifting skin complexion and glow.


Manjistha is a classic herb known for cooling, cleansing, and clearing the blood of unwanted toxins and excess heat. Thus, this herb exhibits a positive impact on the functioning of all the body’s tissue layers including skin, joints, organs, lymphatic system, and reproductive organs. Manjistha is mainly beneficial for detoxification and building a strong immune system and keeping seasonal infections at bay. Apart from these, it purifies the blood, balances Pitta dosha and improves liver functions.


Turmeric, the golden spice is highly revered for its potent medicinal and culinary properties. It is a powerful herb with comprehensive health benefits. Being a natural detoxifier, it purifies the blood, improves bile production, and optimises liver functions. Turmeric is highly efficient in removing Ama that negatively impact the body, including the immune system, vitality, and energy. Besides these, adding this spice to the diet augments heart health, stimulate digestion, trigger immunity, and support movement of the joints.

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This classic ayurvedic medicine is famed for its rejuvenating and detoxifying traits. It is an essential mineral that nourishes the body and builds a robust immune system. It supports the kidneys and urinary tract, purifies the blood, and strengthens the reproductive organs and improve overall sexual health. Having this herb during the winter season helps to improve blood circulation and ease joint pain.

Gotu Kola/Brahmi

Gotu kola/Brahmi resembles the cerebellum of the brain that is best known to stimulate brain function and sharpen the brain by shielding brain cells and increasing neurotransmitter activity. This is a strong herbal formulation for promoting nervous system activity and increasing memory, and concentration. It is valued as a brain rejuvenating plant in the ayurvedic scriptures. Steep Brahmi leaves in your tea for enhancing pulmonary function and to treat several respiratory problems like congestion, cold, sinusitis that are common during winter. It also acts as an expectorant by clearing phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tracts.

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Tulsi is prized as an adaptogen that works well in balancing tridosha. The natural healing and lightening property of tulsi leaves supports maintaining normal body temperature, healthy respiration, stimulating digestion process, and soothing the mind and the body. The goodness of volatile oils and antioxidants in Tulsi leaves combat allergies, infections, and pathogens. Thus, tulsi is a perfect herb to be added during winter for optimising overall health and well-being.