Clove oil or Laung oil is a powerhouse of health benefits. It holds a great place in traditional Ayurvedic medicine and Indian cuisine right from giving an exotic flavour and aroma to curries and dishes, to relieving tooth and tummy ache. The leaves stems and dried buds of clove are also known for several health benefits and the goodness of this spice is available in the form of oil.

Clove oil is heaped with antioxidants and it is used as a potent antiseptic and analgesic in easing toothaches and stomach pain. It is often blended with other oils like sesame oil to relieve stress and feel calm. Know more about the wonder oil to reap benefits.

Clove Oil Based Products


Clove oil is an essential ingredient in most herbal toothpastes. The potential germicidal properties and a potent compound Eugenol in clove oil combats toothaches, sore gums and mouth ulcers. The strong aromatic properties of clove oil-based mouth fresheners help in beating bad breath.

Skin Health

Clove oil-based soaps and lotions are very popular for its amazing healing qualities. The essential compound eugenol in clove oil is valued for its anti-bacterial properties. It is effective in healing acne, lowering swelling, reduces redness and kills the infectious acne -causing bacteria.

Clove oil-based creams also delay the signs of aging, lowers wrinkles and tones the sagging skin. Furthermore, it also exfoliates dead skin and promotes the blood flow which helps in revamping the skin health.

Healthy Hair

This liquid magic can make your mane look lustrous. Clove oil-based hair oils stimulate circulation, reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth. It also makes your dry and dull mane shine. In addition, clove hair oil functions as an excellent conditioner.

Essential Oil

Clove essential oil has stimulating properties that help in easing anxiety, stress and reduce fatigue. A soothing clove oil massage can calm you down and lift-ups the energy.


The unique scent and strong aroma in clove oil are used widely in carnation and perfumes for its pleasant fragrance which soothes and relax the body.