Ladies, if plump, nourished and revitalized skin is what you desire, then it’s high time you add toners to your regular skincare regimen.

So, what exactly is a toner, you might ask.

Well, scientifically speaking, a toner is a carefully formulated liquid that quickly penetrates into the deeper layers of skin, supplying hydration and removing dirt. Toning ( T ) is suggested by dermatologists as the in-between step, after cleansing ( C ) and before moisturising ( M ), thereby making your skincare routine a holistic three-step CTM approach.

toners for skin health

And in case you thought toners were only just a recent beauty trend, think again.

For decades, aestheticians from all over the world have used toners to prepare the skin on the face and neck, for an elaborate facial massage. Earlier, toners used to possess high astringent quality, being very alcoholic in composition. However, due to causing extreme dryness and redness, skincare experts do not recommend strong spirit content in toners anymore.

Hence, the toners available today have evolved, to being very low in alcohol levels as well as containing calming and energizing natural infusions.

Also, it might come as quite a surprise to you, that toners are just as important and beneficial for skin health, like cleansers and moisturisers. So, put to rest any ideas you may have of skipping the intermediate process of toning and read on, to discover the wonderful advantages that toners offer, upon regular use, to bestow you with fabulous and radiant skin.

How Toners Work To Give You That Golden Glow

1. Restore pH Balance

The main factor that is instrumental in facilitating the protective function of the skin is its pH, a value which indicates how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The normal pH of the skin is mildly acidic, between 5 and 6, which is vastly altered owing to the alkaline nature of soaps and face washes. Toning skin after a wash helps to restore its optimal pH levels.

2. Eliminate Residual Dirt

A good toner is inherently endowed with a purifying property as well, to get rid of any lingering dust particles on the skin that may not have been removed with a cleanser. Gently rubbing your face with a cotton swab dabbed in a bit of toner, in a circular motion, ensures that any remaining dirt is completely swept away from the surface of the skin.

3. Refresh Skin Cells

Toners open up the pores on the face and permit the effortless absorption of nutrient-rich organic ingredients imbued in them as well as in moisturisers and serums, into the deeper layers of skin. Thus, toners rejuvenate and revive dull and sunken skin from within, giving a fresh and youthful appearance.

4. Prevent Ingrown Hairs

Toners usually comprise a minor proportion of protective glycolic acids or alpha hydroxy acids. These components hold significant anti-inflammatory traits, pacifying the facial region, following any severe instances of stress or strain to skin cells. Hence, toners play a central role in reducing irritation on the skin, efficiently combating allergies and preventing ingrown hairs after waxing or threading.

5. Provide Moisturising Effect

An ideal toner will also be imbued with hydrating essential oils and plant extracts, that carry innate emollient and humectant characteristics. This means that the dewiness and water content which is lost during cleansing, exfoliating and exposure to external pollutants, are replenished by toners in skin cells. This presents a pacifying and moisturising essence to the face.