Cucumber is one of the most cooling, energising and power-packed veggies that offer a myriad of healing health benefits. Bountiful in essential vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, the humble cucumber is a perfect addition to any diet. Cucumber loaded with 96 % of water helps to regulate water balance, keep you hydrated and also detoxify the system. Aside from this, being high on water and dietary fibre, cucumbers are the best bet for shedding those extra fats.

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Cucumbers bestowed with natural skin-soothing properties has been used as a key ingredient in skincare and beauty rituals from centuries, especially for those with sensitive and dry skin, to calm and heal irritated skin. Being an incredible source of silica, the beauty mineral cucumbers help to uplift and nourish the skin from deep within. A storehouse of antioxidants cucumbers combats detrimental toxins from oxidising healthy skin cells, lessen inflammation and delays signs of premature ageing.

Cucumbers deliver inflammation-combatting vitamin C and caffeic acid, when added in your beauty care regimen offer a positive effect for revamping skin natural complexion and glow.

Skin Benefiting Properties Of Cucumbers

Potent antioxidant effects of cucumbers slow down signs of ageing and fade away wrinkles.

Natural cooling properties reduces blemishes, suntan and pigmentation

Skin nourishing nutrients in cucumbers helps to lessen puffiness and dark circles under the eyes

Loaded with water cucumbers locks the moisture from within and makes the skin supple

Cucumbers free of harsh and irritating ingredients suit best for all types of skin

Skin repairing properties of cucumber help to treat blemishes and dark spots at the deepest level

Check out this infographic to know how to use cucumber to heal all your skin woes:
5 Astonishing Beauty Benefits Of Cucumber