Have you ever noticed one too many strands on your comb while brushing your hair? Some prominent wisps of grey on the sides? Or constant itchy sensations alongside lacklustre locks? No matter if you are a woman or man, young or old, set your worries aside, as Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine that originated thousands of years ago, holds umpteen secrets to help attain strong, dense tresses.

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According to Ayurvedic principles, the balance of three doshas – vata, pitta, kapha, besides a wholesome diet, regular exercise, proper sleep, personal hygiene, mental wellbeing are key for healthy hair. Primarily, the aggravation of pitta dosha, coupled with junk foods, sedentary lifestyles, lack of rest, environmental pollution, undue stress, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies invariably result in hair loss, apart from added woes of premature greying, dull texture, dandruff and breakage.

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Well, the tomes of information housed in the ancient Ayurvedic scriptures not only detail the causes of hair fall, balding and scalp problems but also reveal astounding solutions to rectify all hair-related issues and restore shine and health to the crowning glory. A plethora of herbs are touted for their excellent abilities to augment hair growth, thwart scalp infections and rejuvenate the texture of tresses, including:

Bhringaraj: Known as false daisy, bhringaraj leaves yield an oil rich in vitamin E, in addition to flavonoid, alkaloid antioxidants, which supply ample moisture and a polished texture to dry, lifeless hair.

Amla: Laden with vitamin C, essential fatty acids to uplift hair growth and iron to stimulate blood circulation to follicles i.e. hair roots, oil extracts from the Indian gooseberry fruit or amla reduce thinning of hair, arrest hair fall.

Henna: Commonly called Mehendi, the leaves of the henna plant, usually used as dry powders, crushed pastes, possess a reddish-brown organic dye, as well as tannin, catechin antioxidants, that impart a deep pigmented colour and softness to greying hair.

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Shikakai: Shikakai or soap pod, popularly dubbed as “Hair Fruit” comprises vast reserves of saponins – phytonutrients that cleanse the hair strands, roots and scalp of dirt, grime, toxins without stripping away the inherent essential oils in the scalp.

Methi: A storehouse of anti-inflammatory and antifungal compounds in methi seeds, also termed fenugreek, encompassing polyphenols, nicotinic acid, besides proteins, vitamin A make it a superb anti-dandruff solution, to pacify flaking, itching, irritation in the scalp.

Wondering how to incorporate these amazing herbs loaded with medicinal qualities into your hair care routine? Just scroll through the infographic below, to discover brilliant natural remedies from Ayurveda, for plush, nourished and healthy hair.
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