Weekend party nights are great but if you had guzzled down a little bit of more alcohol, the next day morning you are regretting it and paying a price!

5 Remedies To Aid Your Hangover Fighting Punch

Hangovers are not fun and your body is experiencing various negative effects of alcohol like nausea, vomiting weakness, headache and making you feel worthless. To get over that annoying feeling, you should let your body rest, drink plenty of water, pop in vitamins to replenish your body of the nutrients that were lost after drinking.

Here are few tips to get over hangover symptoms:

1. Sleep Well: Take plenty of rest and try to sleep well.  Alcohol unfortunately induces sleep disturbances, so try to be in the bed for at least 10 hours. Switch off the phone, turn off the lights and try avoiding all those factors that might disturb your sleep.

2. Drink water and juices: Alcohol is a diuretic and it makes you dehydrate at a faster pace. Start your day with a glass of water, try drinking fresh vegetable or fruit juices. If you are feeling nausea, nothing helps better than lemon juice.

Add a dash of lime, piece of ginger to warm water and drink it down. This is more effective than any other juices.

3. Eat Something: Hangover makes you nauseate at the sight of the food but eating helps. Bite into a sandwich, munch on pretzels, a banana or something absorbent.

4. Take a Shower: Go and stand under shower for an instant relief. This will not only clean you up but freshen your senses, thoughts and make you ready for rest of the day.

5. Get Vitamins: Alcohol drains the body of nutrients and vitamins. Vitamin B- complex pill that include B1 (Thiamine), B2 (Riboflavin), folic acid, B6 and B12 play a major role in the functioning of brain and nervous system and aid your body in getting over the hangover easily.