Ladies, it’s time to confess. Having chubby ankles is certainly not an attractive feature if you want to flaunt, a flattering skirt to work or those shiny black stilettos at a party.

Weighted calf raise exercise

And yes, although it is not a medical condition, “cankles” are beyond just a mere cosmetic problem, that invariably advances to instances of extreme physical activity and low self-esteem, in overweight women.

To start with, it is important to understand what these “cankles” are. This term was coined colloquially, to describe the region in the lower leg, where the calf muscles and ankles merge, not having a defined partition.

There are several underlying causes that give rise to these cankles. Certain women are genetically predisposed to having plump legs, as it runs in the family or also has a similar situation, due to modifications in their DNA and muscular protein structure.

Moreover, significant weight gain adds fat deposits in legs, which accumulate as adipose tissue and are eventually pulled down by gravity, as is the case in those who are obese.

Another common reason for cankles is excessive retention of fluids in the body, leading to swelling of the calf region and ankles, which is observed in women who consume unhealthy foods high in sodium, as well as those who have recently undergone pregnancy.

So, the bottom line is that any situation of extra bulk in the body will undoubtedly result in developing cankles as well. And in case you are one of those heavy women suffering from chunky ankles and calves, and hence frequently suffer from calf muscle cramps, worry not. Here are some basic exercises that you can seamlessly combine with your workout routine, to efficiently bid adieu to those unsightly cankles and get the toned, slim and shapely legs you’ve been longing for.

Top Five Techniques To Effectually Reduce Cankles:

1.    Weighted Calf Raises

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand erect, press down with your body weight, simultaneously levering up your heels off the ground and then, slowly bring them back down, as shown in the picture above. Repeat this in a seated position as well, ten times.

2.    Stair Calf Raises

Place yourself at the edge of an elevated platform, like a stair. Now, position your arms on your hips, stand erect and hoist your feet off the surface and lower it back. Repeat this step fifteen times.

Jump rope for toning calf muscles

3.    Jump Rope Drill

This leisurely pursuit from your youth is actually great for sculpting your calf muscles. Use a skipping rope that is the right length for your height and jump past it twenty-five times at a stretch.

4.    High-Knee Jog In Place

Stand erect. Lift your left leg to a knee-high position along with your right arm and jog in a fixed position, switching to your right leg and left arm. Repeat twenty times, gradually increasing speed and intensity.

5.    Lunge And Squat Calf Raises

Kneel down on one leg, keep it steady and raise the ankles of the other leg and return them to the floor. Do this sequence with both legs for about ten times, in a lunging and squatting position.


Regularly performing these exercises will ensure that you obtain nicely moulded and well-defined calf muscles. However, keep in mind that just as weight gain happens across all regions of the body and is not contained in certain areas, weight loss also cannot be executed on a spot reduction basis, but is rather holistic. In addition, following a well-balanced diet, packed with all essential nutrients and cutting down on salt intake are key to successfully eliminating those cankles.