Breakfast is considered an important meal as it helps to refill the body with energy and other essential nutrients to kick start your day. The wellness perks of having a proper breakfast are it boosts your metabolism and assists to burn more calories during the day. Several studies have revealed that having breakfast confers to boosting memory, concentration, prevents gaining weight, lowers the LDL cholesterol and averts the risk of getting diabetes and heart disease.

The many advantages of eating breakfast regularly include:

  • Lower the BMI
  • Eat less fat throughout the day
  • Meet the demands of fruits and vegetables
  • Increase the intake of calcium and fibre
  • Better stamina and performance

Moreover, eating a healthy breakfast will prevent you from nibbling unhealthy foods during the day, which you may habitually do when you are hungry and more likely to be overweight. Here we give you five protein-rich nutritious breakfast options to keep your energy levels high. Also Read: Try These Protein-Packed desi Breakfast Ideas


A fermented food idlies up the bioavailability of nutrients, particularly to meet your protein and vitamin B needs.


A nutritious breakfast that renders you with an ample amount of iron, calcium, protein and fibre.


A healthy breakfast loaded with fibre, iron and low on calories, it is an ideal choice for diabetics and amazingly a good probiotic too.


A wholesome breakfast with a right blend of nutrients, vegetables and spices, Khichdi adds up to nutritional content.

Wheat Paratha

A nourishing breakfast that offers you with needed carbs, protein and fibre.

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