We all love being fit, and the very idea of achieving good health and a toned body excites all of us.Woman getting ready to Climb the stairs as a workout

But, how many of us stick to our fitness goals and why it is easy to lack motivation and let the initial enthusiasm fizzle out?

Each of us takes to a different type of workouts – some sweating it out in the gym, others run, jog, swim or take up activities that can help us get fit and healthy. But, if you are one of those who get easily demotivated and can’t sustain your fitness routine, then this article is for you.

We will tell you how you can motivate yourself and win over several fitness obstacles by following these easy 5 simple rules.

Identify Your Goal:

The first and foremost step is to establish your goal. Identify what exactly you want to achieve by taking up a regular fitness regimen. Ask yourself, if you are getting carried away by the fancy of hitting a gym because your best buddy is sporting six pack abs or to just beat the boredom.

Assess your health condition, talk to your doctor, try and stay sober and start slow.

Take Responsibility:

Be responsible and accountable for the mistakes in your fitness journey. Talk to your nutritionist or trainer for inspiration and motivation, but always remember that you are responsible for lethargy, setbacks, so don’t look to pin the blame on work or outings or other factors that come in the way of your workout. Go for small goals to start with, reward yourself each and every time you lose that extra one kilogram or fitness level improves.

Get Over the Roadblocks:

All of us face certain roadblocks and challenges in achieving goals. So identify those factors pulling you off the track. Identify your own strengths and weakness and works in the areas that need better performance. Join support groups, participate in easy-to-do fitness challenges to remain motivated.

Gain Muscle:

Building muscle is very imperative in gaining a lot of strength and focus. The body has multiple muscle groups, focus on getting stronger muscles that can endure lifting weights, without wasting much energy. If you are planning to run for at least twice in a week, ensure healthy calf muscles that can maintain strength over longer periods.

Build Stamina:

If you are constantly getting bogged down by fatigue, it is time to build stamina before starting workouts. For the beginners, struggling with endurance is common, so start with moderate to intense workouts as it helps in mitochondria cells that help in breaking down the energy, providing body with continuous energy, without feeling breathlessness or pain.

Talk to your nutritionist for a diet plan that can provide with instant energy before and after workouts. Also Read: Common Workout Mistakes To Be Avoided