Hrithik Roshan’s latest movie ‘Super 30’ is releasing today. A heartthrob of millions of fans, with the body of a Greek God, enviable fluidity in his dance movements and a brilliant actor, Hrithik Roshan is totally a hunk, even at 45.

He is perhaps one of the very few actors in the Indian film industry, who rigorously works towards getting into shape, without compromising on his fitness levels to suit the characters played by him in each movie.

Hrithik, on many occasions spoke openly about his health struggles – be it suffering from chronic subdural hematoma for which he was operated upon or his severe back pain that took 8 months for him to get back on his feet.

A dedicated and a die-hard fitness enthusiast, Hrithik takes his diet habits, fitness levels seriously and sticks to his disciplined lifestyle. Read on, to know more about the inspiring qualities and health practices of Hrithik Roshan.

Hrithik Roshan

Diet Plan:

Hrithik doesn’t believe in the concept of crash dieting to shed those extra kilos. He eats a well-balanced diet with ample carbohydrates, proteins and fats, to keep his energy levels and metabolism steady throughout the day. He also takes body building supplements, to ensure a constant supply of essential vitamins and minerals to his body. His typical day begins with a meal of protein shake, egg whites with brown bread, followed by steamed veggies and baked chicken for lunch, roasted fish and broccoli for dinner.

Fitness Mantras:

Hrithik is known for displaying unwavering determination and for religiously following an arduous workout routine, that has been personalised to suit his body capabilities by his fitness mentor – Kris Gethin. He lazes on every Wednesday but on rest of the days, he performs a cardio routine for 30 minutes and is into cross fit exercise sequences. To tone his muscles, he does squats, sit ups, dumbbells and weight drills.

Hydration Is The Key:

The actor strongly advocates regular intake of water for staying healthy and to flush out toxins. Hrithik sips on fruit juices in between the workouts and grueling shoot schedules to replenish lost salts, minerals and vitamins in the body.

Grooming Routine:

Hrithik undoubtedly is a handsome actor and surprisingly, his grooming routine is quite simple. He loves sporting his trademark, sexy stubble and prefers regular hair massages for relaxation. For his flaw-less skin, Hrithik believes in exfoliating with good quality scrubs. He cleanses his face often to clean the dirt and prevent acne breakouts.

Relax To Stay Active:

Family comes first for Hrithik Roshan and he often treats his fans to the pictures from his family vacations, on social media. He plays badminton and football with his sons Hrehaan 13 and Hridhaan 11 and unwinds over holidays, across many exotic locations in the world. He strongly recommends taking short breaks from work to stay mentally fit and active.