Rosehip oil or rosehip seed oil is obtained from the rosa canina rose bush and is extracted by pressing the fruit and seeds of the rose plant. A highly valued oil for its numerous healing benefits, rosehip oil is heaped with skin-nourishing essential vitamins and fatty acids.

The phenol compounds present in rosehip oil are known for strong antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Benefits Of Rosehip Oil For Glowing Skin

How To Use

Rosehip oil is dry in nature which is easily absorbed and used for all types of skin. As it is very intense, rosehip oil is generally used as a carrier oil for all essential oils. As it can go rancid quickly, for extended shelf life store oil in a dark place or refrigerator.

Learn How Rosehip Oil Can Benefit Your Skin

Hydrates Skin

Proper hydration is vital to support soft and supple skin. Inadequate hydration can be a major problem during extreme climate or as skin ages. The wealth of essential fatty acids – linoleic and linolenic acid in rosehip oil maintain skin cells stronger and well hydrated. The essential fatty acids in rosehip oil hydrates dry and itchy skin. The skin readily absorbs the oil and antioxidants nourish the skin from inside out.

Good Exfoliator

Rosehip oil is a natural exfoliator which can lower dullness and make your skin look radiant and glow naturally. The goodness of essential vitamins A and C in rosehip oil enhance skin cell regeneration and boost tone and overall skin health.

Boosts Collagen Formation

Collagen is the building block of skin protein, needed to maintain skin firmness and elasticity. Generally, the body makes less collagen as you age. The abundance of Vitamin A and C in rosehip oil promotes the production of collagen and prevents the breakdown of collagen.

Lowers Inflammation

The wealth of polyphenol and anthocyanin in rosehip oil greatly lowers inflammation. It is also rich in vitamin E a potent antioxidant known for its incredible anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, rosehip oil can soothe skin irritation and treat various skin problems including psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis.

Shields From Sun damage

The myriad of essential Vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants in rosehip oil work together to fight visible sun damage and avert photoaging of the skin. Rosehip oil is widely used to lower the negative effects of UV rays, but it can’t be replaced as a sunscreen.

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