If you are a regular gym-goer, and you often wonder what the right food to each post working out is, then read on.

5 Foods to stay away post Intense workouts

Performing intensive workouts make your body run out of fuel and can drain energy out muscles.

Eating right food post workouts is very essential to gain your energy back however the wrong foods can damage to your metabolism. It is important to choose right diet, in right proportions to keep you fueled for rest of the day.

Here are the list of foods one should not eat, after working out in a gym, running, jogging, swimming and a pilates session.

Sugary Shakes

A protein smoothie is a preferred choice of food post work out, as it can rapidly replenish the body after the workout session. All protein powders are not equally good, some of them are loaded with sugars or even bad with artificially sweeteners. Few protein powders are loaded with fillers, chemicals and other bulking agents. Checkout the ingredients carefully, before consuming these drinks.

Processed Energy Bars

Some type of energy bars are suitable for your busy schedule, but avoid processed energy bars with multiple ingredients. It is best to avoid energy bars with artificial sweeteners (such as aspartame) or huge amounts of natural refined sugars. A healthy handy, alternative would be bananas with a fistful of nuts.

Low Carbohydrate Foods

Good carbohydrates are a healthy option for post-workout repair and nourishment. Body replenishes stored glycogen during exercise and consuming carbohydrates is vital in restoring it after post workout. Fruits are very good sources of carbohydrates for post-workout refuel. Avoid going for refined sources of carbohydrate such as white bread, pasta and refined flours.

Sport Drinks

Sports drinks are preferred for athletes who are running a marathon but are not recommended for people who have a moderate intensity exercise. Though they are perfect for hydration and replenish the electrolyte balance, try coconut water to avoid excess sugar.

Salty Foods

There is always a craving for some crispy fried salty stuff post workout as we lose water and potassium while sweating. An ideal snack to replenish your potassium levels would be banana. So, avoid munching on salty foods.