Glutamine is the most vital non-essential amino acid present in the body. This building blocks of protein are found in the skeletal muscles, lungs and it is actively involved in the functioning of several bodily processes. It plays a key role in digestion, repairs damaged tissues, strengthens the immunity, speed up muscle recovery and excretes waste products from the system. It is found in two different forms L-glutamine and D-glutamine, while L-glutamine is the most active and performs important functions in the body.

Though a certain amount of glutamine is produced on a daily basis, however, due to strenuous physical workout or situations like stress, illness or an injury it is depleted which may curtail your stamina and endurance. Hence, it becomes a conditionally essential amino acid, which must be complemented from the diet. Moreover, individual suffering from gastrointestinal dysfunction and poor immunity, need to boost up glutamine levels in their body, for enhanced well-being.

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Key Functions Of Glutamine

It holds a key role in producing growth hormone and supports normal growth and development.

Glutamine is required for building a robust immune system.

It helps in the smooth functioning of the bowel movement.

It aids in proper assimilation of vital nutrients.

It is an essential neurotransmitter in the brain that promotes concentration and memory power.

It is needed for enhancing strength and stamina post workouts.

Glutamine is required for stimulating metabolism and cellular detoxification.

Glutamine is present in copious amount in a spectrum of dietary sources, while animal products contain highest due to high protein content. Some of the plant-based sources that contain glutamine include milk, cheese, tofu, corn to name a few. It is also available in the form of supplements and benefits people with a compromised immune system and muscle-wasting illness.

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Foods rich in Glutamine