Most of us feel tired or down at some point during the day, a lack of energy can affect our daily routines and make us less productive. But do you know that the right type and quantity of food we eat play a key role in determining the energy levels during the day?

When your energy levels drop, you may impulsively reach out for a cup of coffee or handful or cookies or candy to deliver a quick boost. But too much caffeine can deliver the opposite of a blow, while quickly digesting carbs such as sweet beverages and candy offer a quick hit of pleasure because they trigger serotonin, the brain chemical that regulates mood and leads to a blood sugar spike and offers a short-lived high that ends in a crash.

Energy-boosting foods or snacks are your saviour that is laden with protein, fibre and complex carbs. When you have the right combination of snack, the energy released from the food is like a time-released capsule that keeps you fuelled all day long. You can add them into your meals or have them as a standalone snack, they are heaped with vital nutrients you need to feel alert and high-functioning and taste good too! Nuts, yoghurt and whole grains are low-calorie snacks and high in satisfying fuel.

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Protein-rich foods increase the production of a brain chemical that controls memory, focus and concentration. Smart snacking should be part of a diet regimen that enhances overall health and well-being. While it also helps to curb unwanted cravings, keep your weight under check and in the long run lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes and other chronic disorders.

Here are 5 great options for healthy, energising and great on-the-go small bites. Foray this infographic for more details.
5 wholesome energy boosting foods