Chromium is an essential trace mineral that is needed by the body to perform several bodily processes and functions. Chromium is present in the air, soil, water and it is also widely available in the food. However, the amount of chromium found in food is very minimal and it depends upon the exposure of chromium to the environment and production. It is a metallic compound that is required by humans in very fewer amounts. Also Checkout: 5 Foods Incredibly Rich In Copper That Enhances Overall Wellbeing - Infographic

Chromium plays a crucial role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism and supplies energy to the brain. It holds a significant role in the body that stimulates the effects of insulin and lower blood glucose levels. Chromium functions with insulin and helps the body utilise the glucose for energy. It is not produced in the body; hence it should be supplemented through diet.

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There is no recommended intake of chromium as per the RDA, while adequate intake of chromium as per the USDA for healthy adults is 25-40mcg per day. Chromium is found in the biologic form in food as trivalent or chromium 3+ and hexavalent form chromium 6+ which is a toxic version emitted by industries.

The deficiency of chromium is very rare and it is mostly seen in people who are fed through parenteral nutrition (Intravenous administration of food). However, when the diet is inadequate in chromium it can result in a wide range of symptoms that mimic those of diabetes, including weight loss, impaired glucose tolerance, neuropathy, fatigue, anxiety, and muscle weakness.

Chromium is abundantly found in a rich array of natural food sources such as green beans, potatoes, apples, bananas, whole grains, peas, cheese, corn, grapes and meat. It is also available in the form of supplements.

Check out this infographic to know about foods that are incredibly rich in chromium that benefits health.
chromium rich foods