Winter is coming, so are many skin issues. All of us wish to keep our skin healthy and nobody wants flaky dry skin. However, it is quite difficult to escape dry skin issues, especially during the winter season. The weather turns cold and dry and the humidity level drops making it tougher for the skin to maintain hydration.

Dry skin makes the skin tight and looks flaky, rough and cracked. During the winter season, the skin generally loses its ability to retain moisture. This happens when the skin doesn’t have sufficient oil glands and moisture leaks from the outer layer of the skin. Some of the other triggers for dry skin are harsh soaps, toners, room heaters, hot showers, exposure to chemicals, skin problems and aging. Also Read: Winter Skin Care Tips For Dry Skin

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Sustaining the skin moisture is of utmost importance to avert dry skin problems and if left untreated dry skin can become inflamed. You can heal your dry skin naturally by trying out these home remedies to moisturise the skin and maintain the skin supple and healthy.

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natural remedies for dry skin