Testosterone is a vital hormone for both men and women, though mostly linked to men’s libido, testosterone is found in both sexes since birth. In females, it is produced in a very minimal amount and plays an optimal role in boosting the sexual drive, energy and physical stamina. The functions of testosterone in men are to promote sexual development and sustenance of overall men’s health.

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The level of testosterone usually surges in early adulthood and it continues to play a key role in several bodily processes including strengthening bones and muscle mass, storage of fat, red blood cell production and stimulating sexual health and vigour.

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In men, generally, after the age of 30 testosterone levels fall down gradually. A low level of testosterone results in a disorder called hypogonadism. The causative factors behind the fall of testosterone include overuse of alcohol or drug addiction, long term usage of certain medication and other health disorders. Some of the symptoms associated with a low level of testosterone include:

  • Problem attaining the erection or Erectile Dysfunction
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Poor stamina and muscle power
  • Improper sleep pattern
  • Loss of body hair
  • Increased breast size

There are a whole lot of herbs and supplements available which assist the body to stimulate the production of testosterone. These herbs function by managing the underlying causative factors for hormonal imbalance which results in low testosterone secretion. Besides it also aids to ease the symptoms linked with testosterone deficiency.

Read through this article to know about amazing herbs which increase the testosterone levels.
Herbs to improve testosterone

Tribulus Terrestris/Puncturevine

This herb is valued as one of the best natural testosterone boosters. It is a tropical herb used since ancient times in traditional medicine, Tribulus Terrestris has the amazing potential to augment testosterone production, increase the sperm count, improve muscle mass and promote libido and vitality in men. The leaf, fruit and root of the plant are available in the form of teas, capsules and tablets.

Horny Goat Weed /Epimedium

Horny goat weed possesses strong medicinal properties which aid in triggering the testosterone levels. The active compound Icariin in this herb plays a vital role in stimulating testosterone production. The powerful aphrodisiac properties of horny goat weed is effective in treating erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual endurance.


Ashwagandha is a highly prized ayurvedic herb in traditional medicine for significantly boosting testosterone production and improving sexual health. Studies have disclosed that this wonder herb has the power to increase sperm count, the volume of ejaculation, sperm motility and vigour. Moreover, it is also valuable in fostering luteinizing hormone and rejuvenates sexual hormone balance in men. Also Read: Ashwagandha: Benefits, Uses, Dosage, Formulations, and Side Effects

Yohimbe Bark

Yohimbe is a very famous herbal formulation well-known to correct erectile dysfunction. This herb works by promoting the blood circulation and flow throughout the body and acts as a vasodilator which makes the blood vessels to expand and aids to treat erectile dysfunction. Yohimbe supplements are available in the form of capsules and tablets and bark can be crushed to make tea which enhances sexual arousal and endurance in men.

Pine Bark extract

The richness of natural compound proanthocyanins in pine bark extract is proven to stimulate blood flow and circulation and correct erectile dysfunction. Several studies have shown that pine bark extract when combined with L-arginine, is very effective in increasing testosterone production and improve sexual health in men.