A cup of tea can energise, relax, and calm the mind, body, and soul, but you would be surprised to know that black tea can also work wonders for your mane. Black tea is hailed as a natural hair healer and is widely used in hair care treatment. Several studies disclose that hair nourishing traits in tea helps promote hair growth, enhance hair’s natural colour and boost hair lustre. Black tea rinses are an age-old beauty remedy used for healing scalp problems and fixing a long list of hair woes. Well, if you’re really looking for a tea-amazeballs glimmer, you should allow black tea to steep into strands and scalp and let it stay for a few minutes to an hour.

Potential Perks Of Black Tea Rinses

Black tea is imbued with tannins and polyphenol antioxidants that help to neutralize cell-damaging compounds called free radicals. The presence of theaflavins and thearubigins in black tea gives it its characteristics a dark hue. Thus, the natural dark pigment in black tea rinses supports boosting the colour of hair and reducing the appearance of grey hair.

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Laden with ample amounts of caffeine, black tea is thought to support a healthy scalp, stimulate hair follicles, and strengthen hair deep within roots. Hormones play a key role in hair health. Several pieces of evidence disclose that caffeine in black tea can block dihydrotestosterone (DTH), this hormone can shorten the hair growth cycle, making new hairs shorter and thinner.

Black tea rinses can support hair health and they may render you a solid lustre and sheen. But if your hair type does not absorb moisture well, black tea rinses may dry out your mane more, to overcome this issue, apply a conditioner after rinsing out with black tea.

Caffeine has the potential to boost keratin production (a protein in hair), thus black tea rinses may help stave off hair shedding.

How To Do?

  • Take 3-5 black tea bags in 2 cups of boiling water, allow it steep for an hour.
  • Transfer black tea into a clean spray bottle
  • Clean the scalp and wash hair thoroughly with a mild shampoo before applying the black tea.
  • With wet hair, separate hair into small sections and spray a liberal amount of black tea onto the scalp and massage gently. Once the entire head is covered, place a bathing cap over the hair and wait for 30-60 minutes.
  • Then rinse hair with cold or lukewarm water and finally use a deep conditioner to lock in hydration.

Try some of these black tea rinses for a healthier and shinier mane. Foray this infographic for more details.

Black Tea Rinses For Hair