Winter is certainly the pleasant time of the year, but it also throws in various challenges when it comes to skin care. Dry skin is a common occurrence in chilled climatic conditions but for few this can cause irritation, rash and can also make complexion look duller. Dermatologists believe that both outer and inner layers of the skin need ample hydration just like other parts of the human body. While guzzling down water regularly keeps skin healthy and glowing from within, the outer layer too demands a great deal of attention.

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Moisturizing with quality products is key to combat skin dryness and it should be a part of daily beauty ritual, irrespective of the seasons and climatic conditions. Always carry a bottle of moisturizer and apply it generously on face, feet, arms, elbows, fingers and legs to prevent dryness and sudden breakout of rash. Do not forget treating your skin to good quality almond oil, coconut oil for restoring hydration overnight.

In fact, many products that are staple in our kitchens are loaded with hydrating properties and one should put these amazing home remedies to use for healthier skin.

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Coconut oil tops the list of natural moisturizers, all thanks to its medium-chain fatty acids in this oil that can trap hydration. While honey is a powerhouse of natural antioxidants that can repair skin, ghee with anti-aging properties restores natural colour of the lips. Olive oil is a time-tested remedy for fighting various skin diseases and the humble oats with therapeutic properties prevent common skin allergies in winter.

How To Use:

The following infographic explains the benefits of each product. Just dab or smear it on the skin, lips to look healthy and ravishing in winter.

Checkout The Infographic:
5 Natural Moisturizers For Soft, Supple Skin