Papaya is a fruit of all seasons that provides the body with all essential nutrients. High on vitamin A, eating papaya regularly helps in treating vision-related problems.


The extract of this pulpy fruit is also the main ingredient in a wide range of skin and hair care products.

The whopping amounts of essential vitamins A, C and antioxidants lycopene present in papaya make your skin look radiant, toned and youthful.
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Here’s How You Can Get Healthy Skin And Hair With Papayas:

Treats Skin Pigmentation

Papaya is a miracle ingredient that can clear out the scars and uneven pigmentation on the skin. The skin lightening properties of the fruit help in getting rid of blemishes and pigmentation. The enzyme papain in papaya acts as a strong skin exfoliator and removes the dead cells, which can make the face lighter in tone and more supple. In addition, the abundance of beta-carotene and plant compounds present in papaya enhances the skin glow and complexion.

Skin Moisturizer

Papaya is indeed a boon in treating dry skin issues and helps in hydrating your skin. The rich array of antioxidants and enzymes present in papaya help in treating dry and flaky skin. Applying papaya pulp on your face makes your skin soft and radiant.


The richness of carotenoids, the potent antioxidants in papaya help in fighting free radical damage and prevent the break down of collagen and elastin, which can tighten the skin and fades away the wrinkles. Even the skin of the papaya contains enzymes that can be rubbed over the skin to remove dead cells and age spots.

Treats Skin Diseases

Papaya is a natural remedy to heal scars, burns and skin diseases since ages. The goodness of the enzyme papain exfoliates the dead skin cells and eases skin impurities. Apply mashed papaya pulp directly on the affected skin area to cure skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis and also prevent itching and reduces redness.
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Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells

Papaya is a treasure trove of beneficial enzymes and plant-based antioxidants, which effectively remove all dead, damaged cells, tissues, debris from the surface of the skin. It also penetrates into the interior layers of skin and thoroughly eliminates dust, grime, excess oil/sebum secretions, to cleanse pores and reveal a bright, clear complexion.

Stimulates Collagen Production

Instilled with ample amounts of papain enzyme and beta carotene antioxidants, papaya efficiently flushes out all toxins, harmful free radicals, inactive proteins from the skin. It bestows valuable components for restoring smooth texture, elasticity, banishing creases, sagging, by vastly elevating the synthesis of collagen proteins, to provide soft, supple skin.

Natural Anti-Dandruff Solution

Dandruff being triggered by fungus, papaya thwarts itching, dryness, flaking of the scalp, owing to its potent antibacterial and antifungal traits. Moreover, papaya fruits comprise a multitude of remarkable elements - B complex vitamins, lycopene, flavonoid antioxidants. These components heal all concerns associated with hair, such as dry tresses, breaking, split ends, hair loss and scalp infections.

Deeply Conditions Hair Strands

Abounding in proteolytic enzymes of papain, chymopapain, as well as vitamins A, C with antioxidant characteristics, papaya extracts nurture, condition dull, damaged hair. Applying a mask with papaya juice, coconut oil immensely nourishes the scalp, strands from root to tip, thereby promoting the growth of healthy hair from follicles and infusing moisture, softness to the mane.

Promotes Hair Growth

The wealth of folic acid and antioxidants present in papaya enhance the circulation of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles and promote the growth of healthy hair. Regular intake of papaya ensures that you get a long healthy mane. Furthermore, the antimicrobial properties of papaya help in thwarting numerous infections resulting in scalp damage, for enhanced hair thickness, texture.