Let’s agree, many of us love sporting smooth spotless legs while donning a short dress or a skirt. And nothing seems to be much annoying and dreadful than dark spots or bumps all over the legs that totally lets down your beauty game.

Those small dark spots visible at the site of the hair follicle is colloquially referred as Strawberry legs or comedones. The term strawberry legs were coined as the skin resembles that of the dotted seeds present on the outer surface of strawberry.

This condition makes the skin of the legs very dry, rough and covered with unwanted dark spots. Strawberry legs are often mistaken as shaving rash, but it is caused due to some underlying conditions like keratosis pillaris, folliculitis or due to the presence of enlarged pores, oil or dead skin cells.
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But there’s nothing to fret about those strawberry spots, as you can easily get rid of it by proper exfoliation, scrubbing, and waxing. Thanks to these easy homemade remedies, you can now flaunt those gorgeous legs and get rid of those unwanted blemishes:

Strawberry legs home remedies

Sugar and Aloe Vera Scrub


2-3 tbsp brown sugar

2 tbsp fresh aloe vera gel

1-2 tbsp of olive or coconut oil (as per choice)


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Put it all over your legs and start massaging it in circular motions.

Continue scrubbing your legs for 10-15 minutes.

Wash off with cool water.

Pat dry and apply some moisturiser.

How It Works:

Sugar being a natural exfoliator removes dead skin cells and opens up pores. The goodness of Aloe vera and olive oil hydrates and moisturises the skin surface. Use it thrice a week to get desired results.

Cucumber, Rose Water Scrub


1 cup cucumber

4-5 tbsp rose water

1-2 drops of any essential oil of choice


Mash the cucumber and add rose water and the essential oil to it.

Mix all the ingredients to make a paste.

Massage your legs with this paste and keep it on for 10-15 minutes.

Wash off with cool water.

Put some light moisturiser

How It Works:

Cucumber rich in vitamin C acts as an antioxidant. This paste of rose water and cucumber clears clogged pores, soothes irritated skin and provides smooth soft legs. Use it regularly for a fortnight to remove strawberry spots.

Oatmeal and Cream Scrub


½ cup of oatmeal

2-3 tsp of baking soda

2 tbsp honey

1 tbsp cream


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.

Smear all of it on the legs.

Let it sit for 15 minutes.

Slowly scrub and wash off with cool water.

Pat dry and apply moisturiser.

How It Works:

Baking soda being an anti-inflammatory agent exfoliates the skin, whereas honey and cream soothe and smoothen the skin. Apply this paste twice a week for getting gorgeous legs.
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Tips To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

We bring you some cool tips and tricks to prevent and treat strawberry legs right at home.

  • Dry brush your legs before shaving.
  • Apart from natural scrubs, go for chemical exfoliation a few days before shaving to speed up the shedding of dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores.
  • Before shaving, soak your legs in warm water to soften hair follicles and open pores.
  • Avoid the cheap ones and go for god quality razor.
  • Opt for a moisturising and nourishing shaving cream to soften the hair and lessen irritation.
  • Contrary to popular belief shave your legs in the same direction of the hair growth to avoid strawberry spots.
  • After shaving the legs, apply some moisturiser or body oil or simply go for icing on the legs to reduce inflammation and spots.
  • Go for leg masking and body peels to always keep your legs smooth and soft and keep the pores clean.
  • In case, shaving is not your thing and the tips seem like a real chore, you can avoid ingrown hair and strawberry spots as well by going for depilatory devices, waxing or laser treatment to remove hair.


It is advisable to use any of these above mentioned homemade remedies to get rid of strawberry legs. One must also keep in mind to moisturise and nourish the skin after exfoliation to avoid the accumulation of oil and blocked skin pores. Moreover, you can also try some oil massages using olive, coconut, and any other essential oil periodically to get rid of any spots on the legs.

We know, homemade scrubs used thrice a week can literally save you from the embarrassing strawberry spots on the legs.  But do you know, that physical exfoliation alone isn’t enough to truly bid adieu to these spots.