Superb Health Benefits Of Crossrope Training And 5 Simple Exercises

The erstwhile childhood leisure activity of skipping with a rope outdoors has today witnessed a massive transformation into a beneficial workout technique. Currently, it is an elaborate workout routine termed as jump rope or crossrope training that ..

World Iodine Deficiency Day: 5 Food..

Today is World Iodine Deficiency Day or Global Iodine Deficiency Disor..

Diarrhoea: Causes, Symptoms and Tre..

Diarrhoea is a condition characterized by the frequent passage of loos..

Even Short-Term 'Vaping' Can Cause ..

E-cigarette use has risen at concerning levels among both smokers and ..

World Osteoporosis Day: 5 Ways To S..

Today is World Osteoporosis Day, it is celebrated every year to raise ..

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5 Best Ways To Deal With Cyberbullying

 Incidents of cyberbullying are on the rise. The recent demise of K-pop star Sulli is a stark r..


Even Short-Term 'Vaping' Can Cause ..

E-cigarette use has risen at concerning levels among both smokers and non-smoker..

My Day Is Incomplete Without Workou..

Actress Sara Ali Khan says she ensures that she takes out time for workout, no m..

World Trauma Day: 5 Simple Ways To ..

Today is World Trauma Day, it is observed worldwide with an aim to emphasize the..

FAO Calls For Boosting Millets To F..

India and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations have..

Poor Dietary Habits, Increased Stre..

Poor dietary habits, increased stress and harsh skincare routines were among the..

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Natural Immune Boosters: Calming, A..

The never-ending monsoon rains invariably give rise to malaria, typhoid, dengue and various types of..

World Food Day: Traditional Foods T..

Today is World Food Day, it observed to honor the date of establishing the Food and Agricultural Org..

Foods Super Rich In Vitamin B1 For ..

Vitamin B1 is one of the eight water-soluble B complex vitamins which performs various bodily functi..

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Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) F..

Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy (POEM) is an endoscopic surgical intervention done for esophageal motilit..

Digital Health In The Age Of Social..

Digitalization and internet are important tools for technological advancement of the society. Intern..

What is Arrhythmia And How Is It Tr..

The heart normally beats at regular intervals and when it beats at irregular intervals, it is termed..

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