Dental Anxiety In Kids. Here’s How You Deal With It

On World Oral Health Day, let us agree that our dental health plays an important role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.Many of us tend to visit a dentist only after reaching a certain age, but doctors suggest regular dental check-ups from the a..

Holi: How To Remove Colours From Yo..

Holi, the festival of colours means a lot of fun and we leave no stone..

Parrikar’s Battle With Pancreatic..

India’s Former Defence Minister and Chief Minister of Goa, Manoh..

5 Nasty Ways In Which UV Radiation ..

Summer brings in holidays and fun times, but it also brings various he..

6 Amazing Fruits To Lead A Healthy ..

Fruits are sweet treats and a healthy food choice that should be a par..

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Top 5 Nutrients To Ace Exams

Exams have an insidious way of throwing life out of whack. During these tough times, what if food wa..


Coffee Compounds May Reduce Risk Of..

Besides being the perfect morning drink, coffee may also play a role in delaying..

West Nile Virus: Read All About Sym..

Even before we could forget the aftermath of Zika virus, another major epidemic ..

Ears Can Be Used For ECG To Predict..

Researchers have developed a novel electrocardiogram (ECG) method that uses sign..

Green Tea Helps Combat Obesity, Inf..

Want to cut that extra flab? Drinking green tea can help reduce obesity as well ..

Anti-Mosquito Drug Can Reduce Malar..

A mosquito-killing drug can reduce malaria incidence in young children by 20 per..

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6 Amazing Fruits To Lead A Healthy ..

Fruits are sweet treats and a healthy food choice that should be a part of our regular diet. There a..

Are You Eating Pineapple The Right ..

If you love Pineapple but avoid it eating it as you find removing its peel as quite a bothersome aff..

Cooking Oils: How To Choose The Rig..

In India, the oil you use for cooking largely depends upon the part of the country where you live. I..

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Is Unhealthy Lifestyle Affecting Yo..

Our lifestyle influences every aspect of our life, be it our food habits or our sleeping pattern. Ev..

Holi: Learn How Toxic Colours Can H..

Holi is being celebrated with the usual frolic throughout the country and the primary risk associate..

Can High Protein Diets Damage Your ..

In this era of social media dominance, especially of Instagram, people are increasingly prone to die..

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