Shirodhara: Benefits, Uses, Procedure, Oils, Treatment And Side Effects

Ayurveda, the ancient and holistic science of well-being and longevity, is a unique tradition of India that has been with us for thousands of years. Noted in various Vedic scriptures, Ayurvedic treatments have a long legacy of promoting physical heal..

The Skull Breaker Challenge: 5..

Social media has certainly occupied an important place in every s..

5 Astonishing Herbs To Promote..

Testosterone is a vital hormone for both men and women, though mo..

Anosmia: 5 Incredible Ayurvedi..

Our sense of smell or fragrance constitutes a wide part of our da..

Soya Bean: 5 Splendid Health B..

Soybean or soya bean (Glycine max) is an annual legume that belon..

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5 Powerful Health Benefits Of Anjeer/Figs

Learn about the amazing health benefits of figs. These tiny delicious fruits are a powerhouse of nut..


The Skull Breaker Challenge: 5 Stro..

Social media has certainly occupied an important place in every single pers..

World Pneumonia Day: Prevent Pneumo..

Today is World Pneumonia Day and it is observed every year with an aim to r..

Drinking coffee improves sports per..

Researchers have found that drinking coffee is associated with improving sp..

Drinking Soft Drinks Linked To Obes..

Researchers have found that sugar-sweetened acidic drinks, such as soft dri..

TB Not A Life-Long Infection In Mos..

Researchers have found that people who test positive with immunologic tuber..

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Soya Bean: 5 Splendid Health Benefi..

Soybean or soya bean (Glycine max) is an annual legume that belongs to the Fabaceae pea family. It i..

Spice It Up: Add These Astonishing ..

Spices render incredible health benefits and make any simple dish taste delectable and flavorful. It..

Pippali: Incredible Wellness Incent..

Pippali or Long pepper is a unique aromatic herb that has been with us for centuries owing to its ex..

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Congenital Heart Disease And The Im..

Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), is prevalent worldwide and is still one of the leading causes of inf..

World Cancer Day: Know About Cancer..

What Is Cancer? Cancer is the name given to a group of diseases that behave similarly. There are a..

How To Deal With Ageing Parents And..

One unchangeable fact of life is that people never stop changing, no matter how old they get. Ageing..

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