1. What are the health benefits of vaccinations?

    What are the health benefits of vaccinations?

    World Immunization Week is observed from April 24-30, 2018 and the WHO is on a mission to highlight the corrective action needed to ensure that every person is protected from vaccine-preventable diseases.The primary benefit of vaccination is to prevent a disease. It works by triggering the immune system to fight against certain diseases. Vaccination is considered as one of the biggest achievements in the 20th century. It is a simple and an effective way to protect against serious diseases. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that vaccination prevents approximately 6 million deaths every year. Additionally, all medications that are available currently to treat diseases have side effects...
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  2. Which vaccines are important for my baby?

    Which vaccines are important for my baby?

    Vaccines help protect the babies from serious diseases ranging from polio and tetanus to measles and mumps. Getting a childhood vaccination is important because the baby can develop immunity or protection against the disease before they come in contact with the disease.  The vaccines that are recommended for newborn babies between 0 to 12 months are listed below. BCG – To fight against Tuberculosis (Tb) and prevent Tb meningitis Hep A&B – To combat liver diseases that causes liver failure and cancer OPV or IPV – To prevent polio disease DTP – To protect the baby against...
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  3. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

    Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that is commonly prevalent among women of reproductive age. This condition normally affects the mechanism of how the ovaries work. The ovaries contain fluid filled sacs with immature eggs called follicles. The polycystic ovaries contain large number follicles sizing about 8mm compared to normal ovary. In PCOS condition, these follicles are unable to release the egg meaning that ovulation does not takes place. The exact cause of PCOS is till unknown.Symptoms of PCOS:The symptoms of PCOS are usually apparent around the first menstrual cycle during puberty. The major symptoms of PCOS include:Irregular or no periods at all As a result of irregular ovulation, there is a difficult getting conceived. Excessive hair grown on face, chest, back...
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  4. Make Yoga a Daily Affair for your Child

    Make Yoga a Daily Affair for your Child

    Do you want your kid to enjoy as well as enhance his/her cognitive control? Yoga for kids helps in doing so. It improves their focus, balance & coordination. Most of us have taken up Yoga and Pranayama to be a part of our daily fitness regimes and swearing by the numerous benefits of this ancient science, extending this to our kids would be great for them. While it has always remained as a quintessential practice for the grown-ups, kiddos of this generation too are not far behind in lapping it up the for their overall development.In many schools across India and in other countries, Yoga has found place as a part of the regular curriculum. Ever wondered how practicing Yoga and Pranayama help your child? Today’s yoga practitioners believe that it helps not just in building body stamina and calming their minds but also in guiding children with behavioural...
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  5. Haemophilia is curable with these new treatments

    Haemophilia is curable with these new treatments

    Haemophilia usually affects the male population, but the good news is that it is both treatable and curable. The number of new treatments that include replacement therapy and blood transfusion therapy, along with replacing clotting factors and intake drugs can help cure this disease. Haemophilia is a rare genetic hereditary blood disorder that lacks normal clotting potential because of deprived or inactivated blood-clotting factors or proteins. Male are usually affected by this disease and the first or early instance of symptom can include the following:Unusual bleeding episodes Bleeding while...
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  6. Smile at the sight of Nuts

    Smile at the sight of Nuts

    Nuts loaded with a host of healthful nutrients are staple ingredients in our daily cooking. Packed with vitamins, minerals, fats nuts of different kinds function together in keeping our heart and brains healthy. Indulging in handful of nuts boosts our immune system and reduces inflammation. What’s more, you can relish them guilt free. Almonds, cashews, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts and pine nuts are the common variety of nuts available across the globe.Nuts are full of healthful fats mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids (MUFA &PUFA). These essential fats help in managing inflammation, lowering cholesterol, and keeping up...
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  7. Say ‘no’ to fatty foods on World Liver Day

    Say ‘no’ to fatty foods on World Liver Day

    World Liver Day is observed on April 19 every year. In India, this is the 10th most common cause of death and 24 out of every 100,000 Indians die of liver diseaseLiver is the second largest internal and a vital organ of human body. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy digestive system. Unhealthy liver function leads to several complications and may affect other vital organs of the body. According to a WHO study, in India liver related ailments are the 10th most common cause of death and for every one lakh of population, 24 die of liver disease.  Liver complications are caused due to unhealthy lifestyle and can be inherited or genetic. High intake of alcoholic drinks, high cholesterol foods also...
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  8. Top 8 Foods for healthy liver

    Top 8 Foods for healthy liver

    World Liver Day, observed on April 19th every year, is to create awareness and know the importance of liver for your body and to manage the liver diseases effectively.The liver is the second largest organ and is your chemical processing plant. It accepts 30% of the blood circulating in your system each minute-to remove harmful toxins and distribute and store essential nutrients. This important process is called metabolism. It fights infections, get rids of toxins, maintains cholesterol, regulates blood sugar, make proteins and secretes bile to ease digestion. Foods to combat liver diseaseGarlic Garlic is the best food to detox and keeps your liver healthy. Allicin the...
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  9. Eat Cruciferous Vegetables for a Healthy Heart

    Eat Cruciferous Vegetables for a Healthy Heart

    We all know that eating vegetables has amazing health benefits. While each and every vegetable has its own nutritional content, few veggies play a remarkable role in ensuring vibrant health. One such group of vegetables belonging to the cruciferous family are broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, radish, rutabaga and turnip.What makes this group of veggies so special?Cruciferous vegetables are rich sources of fibre, vitamins C, E, and K, several carotenoids, folate, and minerals. They also contain sulfur compounds such as sulforaphane and...
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  10. Poor nutrition, stress are main causes for premature graying

    Poor nutrition, stress are main causes for premature graying

    An increasing number of young working professionals in India are dealing with the problem of Premature Hair Graying (PHG). Men and women in their 20s are seeing more and more strands of silver in their hair, leading to several trips to the salon. Read on to know what causes hair to gray early and how the problem can be controlled to some extent.Greying of hair is a natural age-related process, in which the hair follicles age and hair production reduces. However, the process differs with race and ethnicity. The phenomenon is termed as Premature Hair Greying (PHG) when it occurs before the age of 20 years in whites, 25 years in Asians, and 30 years in Africans. The genetic factors are the primary cause of PHG. Additionally, other causative factors include hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and trace element deficiency like Vitamin B12,...
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