Try These Recipes Using Betel Leaves For Taste, Health

Tender betel leaves play a significant role in Hindu rituals. A sheaf of betel leaves is offered in the form of ‘tamboolam’ as a part of festive celebrations.And, if you have received lots of betel leaves this Dasara Navaratri and won..

Get Rosy, Soft Lips With These Easy..

Your lips define the overall beauty of your face. You smile, pout and ..

High Blood Sugar Levels May Lead To..

Diabetic neuropathy is a condition commonly associated with type-2 dia..

5 Ways To Fight Post-Festive Fatigu..

Festival time is when everybody gets busy shopping, eating the best of..

Learn The Right Ways To Write, This..

Vijayadasami, the last day of Dasara Navaratri marks many new beginnin..

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Dr Kapil Singhal, DM Neurology, MD General Medicine detailed tutorial on Everything You Want To Know About Migraine

Dr Kapil Singhal explains how migraine differs from regular headaches, its causes, symptoms, diagnos..


Lazy Eye In Childhood Impairs Brain..

Children with abnormal vision are likely to have impairment in functions of brai..

Cataracts No Longer An Age-Related ..

While cataracts are usually known to cause vision loss among older adults, medic..

Sleeping Too Much Can Affect Your M..

While lack of proper sleep has been known to affect health, a new study has show..

Overdose Of Vitamin A May Lead To B..

Over-supplementing Vitamin A in your diet may decrease bone thickness, leading t..

Aspirin Can Reduce Liver Cancer Ris..

Taking two or more aspirin tablets a week can help reduce the risk of developing..

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Health Benefits Of Different Types ..

Let’s all agree. We all love our coffee and that hot cuppa is all you need to get going on a b..

Sweet Lime Has Amazing Health Benef..

Sweet lime or mosambi is a popular tropical fruit, available in all seasons. This sweet and sour tas..

Mood Boosting Foods For Workaholics..

Working long hours under stress and eating irregularly and mindlessly can lead to depression. So, ma..

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Learn How Breakfast Can Make Your H..

By Dr K P Suresh Kumar, Senior Consultant Cardiology It is a known fact that breakfast is the mos..

Manage Osteoarthritis With Lifestyl..

Dr K Mukunth   October 12, is World Arthritis Day.Osteoarthritis, also called degenerativ..

Nutrients Older People Need For Hea..

Dr. Lakshmipathy Ramesh, Geriatric Specialist Kauvery HospitalAs people get older their metabol..

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