Zolotim 0.5/2% Eye Drops 5ml

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Dorzolamide 0.5%+Timolol 2%
By Albert David Ltd
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Drug Information for Zolotim 0.5/2% Eye Drops 5ml

What is ZOLOTIM 0.5/2%?

  • ZOLOTIM 0.5/2% contains two active ingredients called dorzolamide and timolol
  • Dorzolamide belongs to a group of medicines called “carbonic anhydrase inhibitors”
  • Timolol belongs to a group of medicines called “beta blockers”







What ZOLOTIM 0.5/2% is used for?

  • ZOLOTIM 0.5/2% is used to reduce raised pressure of the eye in the treatment of glaucoma
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Talk to your doctor before taking ZOLOTIM 0.5/2%, If you

  • are allergic (hypersensitive) to dorzolamide hydrochloride, timolol maleate or any of the other ingredients of Dorzolamide and Timolol
  • have diabetes
  • have over activity of the thyroid gland
  • are undergoing operation
  • have been diagnosed as having myasthenia gravis
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  • Do not use Dorzolamide and Timolol if you are breast-feeding. Timolol may get into your milk
  • Do not use Dorzolamide and Timolol if you are pregnant unless your doctor considers it necessary
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  • There is limited experience with Dorzolamide and Timolol in infants and children
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  • Dorzolamide and Timolol may cause blurred vision, which may affect your ability to drive or operate machinery
  • Do not drive or operate machinery until you feel well, or your vision is clear


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Tell your doctor if you are

  • using another eyedrop that contains a beta-blocker
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  • Always use Dorzolamide and Timolol exactly as your doctor has told you
  • The appropriate dosage and duration of treatment will be established by your doctor
  • The recommended dose is one drop in the affected eyes in the morning and in the evening
  • If you are using Dorzolamide and Timolol with another eye drop, the drops should be instilled at least 10 minutes apart
  • Do not change the dose of the drug without consulting your doctor
  • Do not allow the tip of the container to touch the eye or areas around the eye
  • It may become contaminated with bacteria that can cause eye infections leading to serious damage of the eye, even loss of vision

Instructions for use

  • Always wash your hands before applying eye drops
  • Remove protective cap
  • Tilt your head back and look at the ceiling
  • Gently pull the lower eyelid down until there is a small pocket
  • Squeeze the upturned dropper bottle to release a drop into your eye
  • Whilst keeping the affected eye closed, press your finger against the corner of the closed eye (the side where the eye meets the nose) and hold for 2 minutes. This helps to stop medicine getting into the rest of the body
  • Avoid touching the dropper tip against your eye or anything else. Replace and tighten the cap straight after use


If you use more ZOLOTIM 0.5/2%

  • If you put too many drops in your eye or swallow any of the contents of the container, contact your doctor immediately


If you forget to use ZOLOTIM 0.5/2%

  • If you miss a dose, use it as soon as possible. Do not take a double dose to make up for the forgotten dose


If you stop using ZOLOTIM 0.5/2%

  • If you want to stop using this medicine talk to your doctor first
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Like all medicines, Dorzolamide and Timolol can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. 





  • generalized allergic reactions including swelling beneath the skin that can occur in areas such as the face and limbs
  • hives or itchy rash
  • localized and generalized rash, itchiness or a severe sudden life-threatening allergic reaction
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  • redness in and around the eye
  • watering or itching of the eye
  • corneal erosion (damage to the front layer of the eyeball)
  • swelling and/or irritation in and around the eyes
  • feeling of having something in the eye
  • eye pain, dry eyes, blurred vision, headache, sinusitis (feeling of tension or fullness in the nose) weakness/tiredness, and fatigue
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  • dizziness
  • inflammation of the iris
  • visual disturbances
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  • temporary short sightedness which may resolve when treatment is stopped
  • detachment of the layer below the retina that contains blood vessels following from filtration surgery
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  • Keep out of  reach  of children
  • Store at 15 ºC to 25ºC
  • Do not use this medicine after the date of expiry
  • Discard the medicine 28 days after first opening
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