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SAROTENA 25MG contain Amitriptyline which belongs to a group of medicine called tricyclic antidepressants. Tricyclic antidepressants are used to treat depression as well as manage a variety of other conditions, ranging from obsessive-compulsive disorder to bedwetting. This medicine is used to treat depression in adults (major depressive episodes), neuropathic pain in adults, chronic tension type headache prophylaxis in adults, migraine prophylaxis in adults, bed-wetting at night in children aged 6 years and above, only when organic causes such as spina bifida and related disorders

Depression is a mood disorder that will causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. Neuropathic pain is a pain condition that is usually chronic. It is usually caused by chronic, progressive nerve disease. It can occur as the result of injury or infection. This medicine is strictly not recommended for use in children and adolescents under 18 years. Before taking this medicine tell your doctor if you have ever had kidney disease, heart disease, liver problems. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult their doctor before taking this medicine.


  • Depression in adults (major depressive episodes)
  • Neuropathic pain in adults
  • Chronic tension type headache prophylaxis in adults
  • Migraine prophylaxis in adults
  • Bed-wetting at night in children aged 6 years and above, only when organic causes such as spina bifida and related disorders


SAROTENA 25MG works by increasing the levels of chemical messengers in the brain that help in regulating mood and treat depression. It also stops the transmission of pain signals from nerves to the brain thereby relieving neuropathic pain (pain from damaged nerves).


Always take SAROTENA 25MG exactly as your doctor has told you. This medicine must be taken with or without food. Try to take this medicine at the same time each day. It should be swallowed whole with water. Do not crush or chew the medicine.



  • heart problem, irregular, hard or rapid heartbeat
  • sleepiness/drowsiness
  • shakiness of hands or other body parts
  • dizziness, headache
  • dry mouth
  • constipation
  • nausea
  • excessive sweating
  • weight gain
  • slurred or slow speech
  • aggression
  • congested nose
  • confusion
  • sexual disturbances (decreased sex-drive, problems with erection)
  • disturbance in attention
  • changes in taste
  • numbness in the arms or legs
  • disturbed coordination
  • dilated pupils
  • fatigue
  • low sodium concentration in the blood
  • agitation
  • urination disorders
  • feeling thirsty


  • swollen stomach, fever, and vomiting
  • jaundice (yellowing of the skin and the white in the eyes)
  • bruising, bleeding, pallor, or persistent sore throat (symptoms can be the first signs that your blood or bone marrow may be affected, decrease in the number of red cells, white cells, and platelets)
  • suicidal thoughts or behavior
  • decreased appetite
  • delirium (especially in elderly patients), hallucinations
  • swelling of the salivary glands
  • hair loss
  • increased sensitivity to sunlight
  • breast enlargement in men
  • weight loss
  • abnormal liver function



Get up and move around to feel awake, take small naps to edge off the sleepiness. Give your eyes a break to avoid fatigue and eat a healthy food to boost energy.  


Apply hot or cold-water bag on your head. Take rest in a quiet and dark room. Drink tea or coffee.


Take fibre rich foods such as fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals, and drink plenty of water. Exercise more regularly.


Try taking this medicine with, or just after, a meal or snack and stick to simple meals and do not eat rich or spicy food.



SAROTENA 25MG is not recommended for use in pregnant women unless necessary. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.


SAROTENA 25MG is not recommended for use in breastfeeding women unless necessary. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.


Do not drive or operate any machine while taking this medicine since it may cause drowsiness and dizziness.


Consumption of alcohol is not recommended during treatment with SAROTENA 25MG.


SAROTENA 25MG should be used with caution in patients suffering from active kidney diseases. Consult your doctor for advice.


SAROTENA 25MG is not recommended in patients with active liver diseases. Before taking, discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.


Do not take SAROTENA 25MG if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to Amitriptyline or any other ingredients in this medicine.


SAROTENA 25MG is not recommended in patients with active heart diseases. Before taking, discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.


Tell your doctor if you have or had a condition such as,

  • have a problem that gives you a low level of potassium or magnesium, or a high level of potassium in your blood
  • have a surgery planned
  • have an overactive thyroid gland or receive thyroid medication
  • thoughts of suicide and worsening of your depression
  • have thoughts of harming or killing yourself at any time
  • narrow angle glaucoma (loss of vision due to abnormally high pressure in the eye)
  • epilepsy, a history of convulsions or fits
  • pylorus stenosis (narrowing of the gastric outlet) and paralytic ileus (blocked intestine)
  • diabetes
  • suffer from certain side effects, such as dizziness when you stand up due to low blood pressure


Talk to your doctor if you are taking,

  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) such as phenelzine, iproniazid, isocarboxazid, nialamide, ortranylcypromine (used to treat depression) or selegiline (used to treat Parkinson's disease)
  • medicine such as adrenaline, ephedrine, isoprenaline, noradrenaline, phenylephrine, and phenylpropanolamine (these may be present in cough or cold medicine, and in some anaesthetics)
  • medicine to treat high blood pressure for example calcium-channel blockers (such as diltiazem and verapamil), guanethidine, betanidine, clonidine reserpine and methyldopa
  • thioridazine (used to treat schizophrenia)
  • tramadol (painkiller)
  • medicines to treat fungal infections (e.g. fluconazole, terbinafine, ketoconazole, and itraconazole)
  • sedatives (e.g. barbiturates)
  • medicines for certain heart conditions (e.g. beta blockers and antiarrhythmics such as amiodarone, disopyramide, propafenone)
  • valproic acid (used to treat mania)
  • quinidine and sotalol (used to treat irregular heartbeats)
  • astemizole and terfenadine (used to treat allergies and hay fever)
  • pimozide and sertindole (used to treat some mental illnesses)
  • cisapride (used to treat certain types of indigestion)
  • halofantrine (used to treat malaria)
  • methadone (used to treat pain and for detoxification)
  • diuretics (“water tablets” e.g. furosemide)


Drug :   Amitriptyline
Pharmacological Category :   Tricyclic Anti-depressant
Therapeutic Indication :   Depression
Dosage Forms :   Tablet, Injection


Store below 20-25°C and keep out of reach of children.


Can the use of SAROTENA 25MG affect my sex life?

Yes, it can affect sex life in both men and women. It may cause decreased sexual desire, or you may experience discomfort during intercourse. Men may experience inability to develop or maintain an erection during sexual activity and may be unable to have an orgasm. If you notice these symptoms, consult your doctor for advice.

Is it safe to drive or operate heavy machinery when consuming?

No, do not drive or operate any machine while taking this medicine since it may cause drowsiness and dizziness.

Can I take SAROTENA 25MG during pregnancy?

It is not recommended for use in pregnant women unless necessary. Discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor.


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Sarotena 25mg Tablet 10'S

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