Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil 15 ml

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100% Pure, Natural and Vegan Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil cleanses and detoxifies skin or scalp, softens nail cuticles, calluses or corns, removes skin blemishes, strengthens hair roots and controls dandruff, oil secretion and acne formulation.
How To: Mix Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil with any Soulflower carrier oil before applying on hair and skin. Massage gently. Add 2-3 drops to olive oil for nail care. Diffuse as room freshener to get relaxing and mood uplifting surrounding aromatically. Warning: Do not apply directly on hair or skin BEST EFFECTIVE RECIPES Skin Toner Before Makeup Add 10-12 drops of Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil in 1 cup of water. Pour this solution in a dark glass bottle. Soak a cotton ball in it and gently wipe your skin every time after face wash. Massage your face with 2-3 drops Soulflower Jojoba Carrier Oil as a primer and start applying makeup. For Grease-free Hair Add 3-4 drops of Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil and a pinch of baking soda in 1 cup of water. Rinse your scalp and hair evenly with the solution to get oil-free, fresh and shiny hair. Reusable Face Wipes Take 10-12 small square-shaped cotton cloth pieces. Mix 1 ½ cups of warm water, 1 tablespoon of Soulflower Jojoba Oil, 1-2 drops of Soulflower Lavender Essential Oil and 2-3 drops of Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil. Dip that cloth piece in the solutions, let it get absorbed totally and store them in a travel-friendly container to use anytime in a day.
Do not apply directly on hair or skin.
For Oil-free Skin And Dandruff-Free Hair FOR SKIN Citrus limon(Lemon) essential oil is best to be used on oily and combination skin types. Its astringent and detoxifying properties help in reducing excess sebum secretion, shrinking open pores, controlling acne or pimples and various other skin disorders like calluses or corns. Lemon oil also works in rejuvenating and increasing the luster of dull skin and hair. FOR HAIR AND NAILS Applying Lemon essential oil on your hair and scalp reduces excess sebum build-up that helps controlling greasiness and dandruff leaving your hair fresh, healthy and shiny. This citrus oil also softens nail cuticle, it helps stimulate circulation in the scalp that helps in hair growth. FOR DIFFUSION With the freshness of rich citrus aroma Lemon Essential Oil uplifts your mood, chases away the blues, helps with stress, fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety. It also refreshes mind by promoting positive mindset, removing negative emotions and attunes Manipura; The Solar Plexus Chakra that influences self-acceptance, sense of pride, acknowledgment and self-advocacy that enable one to support one's needs, values, emotions and desires.


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Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil 15 ml

Soulflower Lemon Essential Oil 15 ml Mkt: Pt Invent India Pvt Ltd

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