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Handpicked by tea pluckers at certified organic tea estates facing the majestic peaks of the Himalayan mountains, this exotic Darjeeling first flush green tea is the perfect way to kick start a healthy lifestyle and is popularly considered as the elixir of life which promotes health, longevity and wellness. Our lemongrass green tea is a high quality detox blend consisting of whole bits of lemongrass with pleasant citrusy taste which is like a reminder of bright and cheerful days. As the name suggests, it has fragrance of lemon but it is milder & sweeter in taste. Sipping a cup of lemongrass green tea helps in boosting your metabolism which makes digestion quicker. It is known to limit cholesterol absorption from the intestines, thus promoting overall health, acting as an intestinal decongestant. It further promotes healthy digestion and helps in treating various digestive health problems like indigestion, constipation, flatulence. It further helps in cleansing and flushing out toxic wastes out of the body, as a result of its diuretic properties. Savor a cup of this tea at any time of the day & endures a refreshing taste. Enjoy the Seer Secrets Lemongrass Green Tea & experience the tantalizing flavour that stays with you long after the last sip.
  • Seer secrets lemongrass green tea is a fine blend of carefully picked tea leaves from select tea estates and high grown lemongrass.
  • Our lemongrass green tea contains high amounts of powerful antioxidants known to fight free radicals in our body thereby providing plentiful health benefits.
  • It aids weight loss, builds immunity, improves skin quality and provides relief from stomach disorders, insomnia, respiratory disorders etc.
  1. In a cup add 3-4 pearls of green tea and add water t 80C
  2. To avoid overcooking the tea, let it sit for 2 mins
  3. And cherish the energizing tea blend
Only for external use, if allergic stop using immediately. Consult a doctor

Ingredients: Lemongrass derivative extracts in Camellia Sinensis

Additional Information: Seer secrets evolve around the notion of simple living & high thinking. Seer secrets brings to you wise skin secrets passed on by seers. A company based on values , ethics, and life of seers , sages and clairvoyants, marks to deliver wholesome skin, body care products based on rare herbs and formulations by ascetics from around the world. Indulge your Skin with Mesmerizing Beauty Potions from Seer Secrets that are free from harmful chemicals and are all natural and vegan.


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