Scholl Odour Control Insole 1 pair

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Scholl is the world’s No. 1 foot care brand. It is a name synonymous today with ‘feet and foot care’ in over 70 countries worldwide. It has been looking after feet for ‘over 100 years’ now. Scholl was founded by ‘Dr William Mathias Scholl’, who made it his life-long mission to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet. This dedication remains as strong as ever and with the advent of innovations and new technologies, Scholl is able to provide an ever-growing range of foot care solutions. With its long heritage in foot care, Scholl is keen to ensure that all its users get the best from its products. About the Product: Scholl Odour Control Insoles are the best companions for your shoes that continue to work even when footwear is not being worn. They fight foot with long-lasting protection. Made with durable foam for long-lasting comfort, their Active Odor Neutralizer balances our foot odour keeping feet fresh and odour-free all day. These unique insoles not only provide cushioning comfort but also have an antibacterial ingredient that effectively controls foot odour absorbs perspiration to keep feet fresh and dry washable and reusable. Fits easily in all shoes.

  • Contains powerful antibacterial to fight odour causing bacteria
  • Active Odor Neutralizer - a concentrated layer of ultra-effective activated charcoal to neutralize foot odour
  • Absorb perspiration for all-day freshness Scientifically tested - Continue to work even when footwear is not being worn
  • Made with durable foam for long-lasting comfort and protection
  • Cut to size for all kinds of shoes - Every day and Sports Shoes
  1. One Size fits all - Cut to Size.
  2. For optimum fit and comfort, trim to size following the printed shoe size guidelines on the base of the insole: G = Men, W = Women.
  3. Cut your insoles to size and place in your shoes. Do not cut insole too small. Insert into shoes, with the printed side down.

The Active Odor Neutralizer neutralizes foot and shoe odours.

Perspiration is not the cause of the bad odour. Bacteria can lurk on your feet and in your shoes, causing them to produce an unpleasant smell. Control perspiration with Scholl Odour Control Insoles to prevent these problems. These odour-fighting souls take care of foot and shoe odour for immediate ad long-lasting protection. Made with durable foam, they neutralize odour for all-day freshness, comfort and protection.

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Scholl Odour Control Insole 1 pair
Scholl Odour Control Insole 1 pair Mkt: Brinton Pharmaceuticals Ltd
₹ 449.10 10% off MRP ₹ 499.00