Polycrol Xpress Relief 450 ml

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Magnesium hydroxide forms forms a salt with acid and reduces the acidity in the stomach. It forms magnesium chloride salt and water. Aluminium hydroxide increases the pH in the stomach. The acid present in the stomach is hydrochloric acid. Aluminium hydroxide reacts with this acid and form a salt and water. Thus, the acidity caused by the gastric HCl is reduced by aluminium hydroxide. Dimethicone in Polycrol mixed with silicon dioxide gives simethicone (activated dimethicone). Activated dimethicone gathers all the small bubbles trapped in the stomach and intestine and later on, helps in releasing them in the form of belching or farts. It prevents entrapment of gas in mucus. Sorbitol acts like a laxative. In simple words, it softens the stools and eases the excretion through feces.
Key benefits
Relief from acidity in 10 seconds. Relief from burning sensation in the stomach.
Direction for use/Dosage
Adults can take two teaspoons (10 mL) after meals and at bedtime or as per the directions of the physician. The dose of antacids varies from one patient to another. Therefore, it is usually recommended to take the medicine as prescribed by the physician.
Safety information/precaution
Children should receive the dose as advised by the physician. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible and if it is time for the next dose, then follow the regular schedule but do not take double dose of the drug. Store the product away from light and moisture. Do not freeze the product. Keep the product away from children. Also, refer the printed information on package for storage conditions.
Other Information
Polycrol is available as an OTC antacid all over India. It provides consumers with relief from acidity in 10 seconds. It is used in patients suffering with gastro-esophageal reflux disorders to reduce symptoms of heart burn and to relieve symptoms in patients with stomach and duodenal ulcers.

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