Omron Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm Type (HEM-7132-IN)

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Omron HEM-7132 Blood Pressure Monitor is a compact, fully automatic blood pressure monitor operating on the oscillometric principle. Governed by an Intelligent body motion sensor, the unit calibrates the static Blood pressure and the dynamic blood pressure with an accuracy of 99.9 percent.
It gives sixty measurements with a 12-hour format and calendar record. It has a lightweight construction with finger-touch operation. It also tracks irregular heartbeat every time you plug the switch.
  • Cuff Wrapping Guide Lamp
  • Wide Range Cuff
  • Body Movement Detection
  • Blood Pressure Level Indicator
  • Irregular Heartbeat Detection

1. Relax and sit comfortably under a normal room temperature.

2. Insert the air plug into the air jack securely.

3. Place the arm through the cuff loop.

4. Close the fabric fastener firmly.

5. Press the Start button and read the readings.

1. Do not forcibly bend the arm cuff or bend the air tube excessively.

2. Use only the original AC adapter.

3. Do not bundle the adapter during use.

4. Do not place the arm cuff over the thick cloth.

Wait 2-3 minutes before taking another blood pressure measurement. Waiting between readings allows the arteries to return to the condition prior to taking the blood pressure measurement.

Before you purchase a home blood pressure monitor, it’s important to determine the best cuff size for you. To determine your arm size, use a cloth measuring tape and measure the circumference of your left upper arm midway between your elbow and shoulder. Ensuring that the blood pressure cuff is neither too tight nor too loose will help ensure the most accurate readings providing you a more accurate picture of your heart’s health.


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