Narbada Ayurveda Indigo Hair Colour Powder 250 gm

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Narbada Ayurveda Indigo powder is a herbal hair & beard dye, which helps you to color your hair & beard without any damage and side effects. It gives a shiny blackish color to your hair & beard and is also used or its cooling properties. Narbada Ayurveda Indigo Powder is free from any chemical adulteration and preservatives and 100% safe and natural for your hair.
  • Colors the hair & beard in an absolutely herbal manner.
  • It causes no damage to the hair follicles.
  • 100% ammonia free therefore it is free from the pungent smell of ammonia
  • Mix the herbal hair & beard color, Narbada Ayurveda Indigo Powder in lukewarm water according to the length of your hair to make a paste.
  • Apply it with the help of a brush and keep it on for at least 3 hours. Then wash it off with water, no shampoo required.
  • Mix the Indigo Powder with henna in different proportions that will yield beautiful shades like medium brown, light brown, dark brown and darker shades of brown and black cherry.
  • If you want black color, make sure to use indigo powder after applying henna.
  • For reddish tinge color, you can mix both henna and indigo together in equal proportion and apply. After 48 hours the hair color darkens and you can see the difference in the color of your hair & beard.
  • For test - Make the paste with Indigo Powder and Water, proper consistency is made and applied to khadi white cloth it will impart blue color. Khadi cloth will show a blue color.
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Ingredient: 100% natural indigo powder

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