Narbada Ayurveda Dia Herb Diabetes Herbal Powder 100 gm

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Narbada Ayurveda Dia Herb diabetes herbal powder helps in regulating the blood sugar level of the body and restores the lost energy, strength and vigor. This herbal medicine for diabetes is used as an alternative to prevent complications that arise due to diabetes. Dia Herb is 100 % safe and natural and hygienically packed under expert supervision. It helps in the natural cure of diabetes without any side effects.
  • Naturally regulates the secretion of insulin for better sugar control
  • It helps to settle the symptoms of fatigue caused by diabetes in patients.
  • Prevents fluctuations in sugar levels.
Take 3 to 5gm with water twice a day before a meal with lukewarm water.
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Each 5 gm powder contains: karela - 750 mg, jamun guthli - 750 mg, gurmar - 750 mg, dana methi - 750 mg, tulsi patr -750 mg, amla - 325 mg, bilva patra - 200 mg, neem patra - 200 mg, kalizeeri -200 mg, chiraita - 100 mg, vijayasar - 100 mg, daru haldi - 50 mg, shilajeet sudh - 50 mg, trivang bhasam - 25 mg.

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