Kapiva Spirulina+Nutrition Capsules 60's

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Spirulina and MoringaThis Kapiva product builds your stamina and control blood pressure & cholesterol. The capsule is made from two major ingredients - Spirulina and Moringa. Spirulina is known as herbal superfood which gives tremendous stamina to your body. The second ingredient - Moringa is a great source of nutrition. Made from the precise mixture of these two ingredients, this capsule offers great health benefits and provides nutrients to your physic.Benefits of Spirulina:● Spirulina decreases the percentage of arsenic from the body that causes poisonous effects.● Builds stamina against numerous viruses and improves stamina.● A pigment in Spirulina lowers the blood pressure and keeps the BP maintained to the desired level.● Reduce the elevated levels of cholesterol.Benefits of Moringa:● It is rich in many nutrients, protein, Vitamin B6 & C, and iron.● Contains numerous antioxidants to rectify your blood and reduce the issues which are caused due to blood impurities.● Moringa protects you against arsenic toxicity.
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Builds stamina.
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Each capsule contains 300 mg Spirulina and 200 mg of Moringa.

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