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Kamasutra super thin condoms are designed to stimulate natural and real sensations. Nothing comes between the two of you - just the way it should be! Kamasutra super thin condom comes with 12 extra thin premium condoms with a special logo saying “Sense the real thing”. These slim condoms make the lovemaking closer and absolutely delightful. A lot of customers get easily attracted to buying these condoms because the quality of the pleasure is more real than real!

Kamasutra super thin condoms are also known as ultra-thin condoms. They are one of the best thin condoms in India. And that’s not all! They are also pre-lubricated to give you easier and longer experiences.

  • KamaSutra SuperThin condoms, made from natural rubber latex which gives you the most natural sensations and feelings to the partner.
  • KamaSutra SuperThin condoms help in enhancing the pleasure levels to the max by providing an extra-thin wall. It helps in ensuring that nothing comes between the two of you.
  • Each Kamasutra condom is tested electronically against any manufacturing defects
  • Open with clean hands.
  • Squeeze the teat for no air gaps.
  • Place and roll all the way down.
  • After use, throw it in a bin.
  • The user is advised to read the instructions on the condom pack/leaflet before using the condom.
  • If condom comes off during sexual intercourse, do not use the same condom again, one should always use a fresh condom in such a scenario.
  • Not only the pleasure of lovemaking but also safety and protection needs, are to be kept in mind.

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Excellent quality

The product is really awesome. Enjoy your moments with it guys. It really let you sense the real thing. It is without any dots and has great lubrication as well. Just go for it.
Posted on 06 November 2017

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Kamasutra Condoms - Superthin 12's

Kamasutra Condoms - Superthin 12's Mkt: Raymond Consumer Care Private Limited

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