JointFlex Pain Relief Massage Oil 120 ml

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Painful joints can keep you from performing your daily chores and errands easily. In fact, you have too many times give up on enjoying some of the beautiful moments of life like family picnics and playtime with young children. But now it is time to free yourself from annoying joint pain because JointFlex Pain Relief Massage Oil is here to help you. JointFlex Oil contains Glucosamine along with Wintergreen, Atasi, Nirgundi, Prasarini, Karpura and Til oils which bring immediate relief, lubricate joints, and make them healthier and more flexible. Its deep penetration formula ensures fast absorption by easily crossing into multiple layers of skin to reach joints quickly and bring immediate relief. With continuous use, it treats stiffness and gradual degeneration giving you healthier joints. JointFlex does not require a prescription for purchase, which means that you can get quick and effective joint pain relief without having to wait for the doctor to write it on a piece of paper for you!     

  • Painful joints can be very troublesome and stop you from carrying out your daily routine effortlessly. JointFlex gives you immediate and long-lasting relief from joint pain helping you actively keep up with your everyday tasks.
  • JointFlex is the most preferred joint pain relief brand in the USA and is trusted to provide joint care by bringing instant relief from joint pain and keeping them healthy.
  • The power of Glucosamine combined with the goodness of 6 wonderfully effective oils - Wintergreen, Atasi, Nirgundi, Prasarini, Karpura and Til oils helps you get rid of joint pain and stiffness, increasing the flexibility and lubrication in the joints.
  • The deep penetration formula enables the quick absorption of the key healing ingredients of JointFlex Oil giving your joints much-needed pain relief, lubrication and flexibility within a short time span and makes the joints healthier over time.
  • It is very effective for targeted pain relief and brings respite from joint degeneration and pain caused by conditions like arthritis.
  • It reduces and cures pain in all major joints like elbows, shoulders, back, ankle, hands, wrist, neck, foot, and knees.
  • Use 5ml to 10ml or more depending upon the part affected.
  • To be gently massaged twice a day.
  • Not to be used on open wounds and burns.
  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Protect from direct sunlight.

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JointFlex Pain Relief Massage Oil 120 ml

JointFlex Pain Relief Massage Oil 120 ml Mkt: Strides Consumer Pvt Ltd

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