Icare Menstrual Cup - Hygienic After Delivery / Above Age 25 Years Size L (Large) 1's

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ICare Menstrual Cup - Hygienic, After Delivery / Above Age 25 Years, Size L (Large)
Key benefits
COMFORT: The Intimus Cup is more comfortable than a tampon. They're worn inside your private part and not to be felt when positioned correctly. It is very easy to insert and remove the Cup. You don't feel the discomfort many women associate with inserting and removing tampons, particularly early and late in their period when flow is very light. Removing a dry tampon can be uncomfortable.
Direction for use/Dosage
Detailed manual provided along with pack, kindly read before use. It has very elaborate visuals for easy understanding.
Safety information/precaution
Detailed manual provided along with pack, kindly read before use.
Other Information
A convenient and hygienic option to tampons and pads, the ICare Menstrual Cup is odour free and can collect up to three times the quantity of regular pads and tampons. No more frequent visits to the toilet. Instead stay fresh throughout the day and get a restful night's sleep. It is safe, simple, modern, hygienic, economical and eco-friendly. iCare menstrual cup is made medical grade silicone material. Since the cup is very smooth in nature, bacteria cannot stay sticky on it. The cup does not absorb any liquid and hence no changes to natural vaginal environment occur. iCare offers you the most modern intimate hygiene product and your menstrual period will be pleasant. iCare menstrual cup is the union of high quality material and optimum shape. The size-chart helps in identifying the correct cup size. Please refer to the images.

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