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FLOH Tampons - Regular FLOH Tampons are all you need for your light and moderate flow days . Highly absorbent fiber: FLOH tampons are made up of a combination of cotton and rayon with a highly absorptive capacity that reliably and quickly absorbs your light to moderate blood flow. Tear tape opening: The quick to open FLOH packaging keeps the tampon safe and ready to use at any time. The rolled bullet shape allows for easy insertion and expands to take the unique shape of your body. Leak-free protection: FLOH tampons offer period protection that ensures no leakages, stains, rashes or menstrual odor. You’ll be ready to take on anything!
Key benefits
Up-to 8 hours of protection: Your time of the month just got better. Zero Foul Odor: Smells won’t get you down anymore. Freedom From Staining: No spots, no stops. Better Hygiene: Cleaner, leaner and less leakier than an average pad
Direction for use/Dosage
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Other Information
Step 1: Ready? Hold the tampon using your fingers and position it in front of your vagina. Step 2: Set! Slide the tampon inside, slowly and gently. Make sure only the string hangs outside. Step 3: ~Floh~ Well done. With a Floh tampon inside you, you can forget about your period problems and just go with the flow.

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