Fast&Up Reload + Caffeine Effervescent Tablets - Cola Flavour 20's

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Fast&Up Reload Cola with Caffeine is a scientifically crafted Informed-Choice certified hydration drink with a power boost of Caffeine for enhanced performance. These tablets are added with 30 mg of caffeine which boosts alertness of mind thus preventing dullness and lethargy. Reload is hypotonic which results in faster fluid absorption as compared to many isotonic-hypertonic hydration drinks. Sweating during intense workout sessions leads to heavy loss of electrolytes which are replenished by Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, and chlorides present in Reload hydration supplement. These electrolytes boost rehydration thus preventing muscle soreness. Reload is a banned substance free sports drink that has a combination of energy sources such as Maltodextrin and fructose in an ideal ratio of 2:1. This gives the body the necessary energy required during activities such as daily exercises as well as sports activities. 

  • Maintains Electrolyte Balance during training, travel
  • Caffeine gives an additional energy boost and improves alertness
  • Helps prevent cramps and muscle soreness
  • Provides faster hydration that reduces fatigue, Relieves Muscle Exhaustion and Muscle Soreness
  • Caffeine helps in reducing fatigue for improved exercise performance. 
  • It also improves mental stability, focuses on making it an electrifying energy booster for sports activities.
  • Vitamin D3, Calcium and Vitamin C prevents exhaustion making it the best energy drink.
  •  Fast&Up Reload is an ideal choice for hydration for both athletes as well as for regular fitness enthusiasts.
  • It can be consumed by the simple action of Drop-Dissolve-Drink by adding one tablet in 250 ml of water.

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Sodium 180 mg

Potassium 77 mg

Chloride 122.87 mg

Magnesium 20 mg

Calcium 12.5 mg

Vitamin C 37.5 mg

Vitamin D3 100 I.U.

Vitamin B12 1mcg

Caffeine 30mg


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14 Jun 2019
Best product in Electrolytes by Fast&Up, Instant Energy with Hydration before workout or Running or any sports.

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Fast&Up Reload + Caffeine Effervescent Tablets - Cola Flavour 20's

Fast&Up Reload + Caffeine Effervescent Tablets - Cola Flavour 20's Mkt: Aeronutrix Sports Products Pvt Ltd

₹ 230.75 29% off MRP ₹ 325.00