EasyCare Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Arm Automatic (EC-9099) - White

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EasyCare EC-9099 fully automatic upper arm digital blood pressure monitor with 90 records to save.

Professionally designed BP monitor to give accurate readings based on oscillometer method measuring principle.

It comes with a big digital Large LCD screen that is clear and shows all data.

Equipped with an arm cuff, carry bag and also 4 x AA size alkaline batteries.

Conveniently placed memory, automatic start/stop and settings buttons for easy access with one finger.

This BP monitor gives accurate readings based on oscillometer method measuring principle.

Measures IHB (irregular heartbeat) and pulse rates to give alert.

The display shows details like date and time, systolic pressure, diastolic press

Sit down quietly for a moment.

Keep relaxed before measuring.

Slide the cuff inside your arm, parallel to the heart.

Take the cuff tube pipe up and make it parallel to the arteries.

Wrap the cuff around your arm comfortably.

Place one finger into it is the most appropriate.

Keep the cuff parallel to the heart, and rest your hand at around 135°. 

Press the start/stop button.

Be relaxed and start measuring Systolic pressure, Diastolic pressure and pulse rate is instantly displayed.


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