Dromen & Co Jade Spike Roller 70 Gm

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Jade Is a natural stone with ornamental minerals. It symbolises beauty and grace. Our spike jade roller is designed for an intensive massage therapy for the face and body. It’s well congested lymph nodes, acupuncture points, collagen production glands, sinusitis point and clogged nerves. It als helps in eliminating final lines and wrinkles and boosts blood circulation. For body, It’s a great tool for reducing cellulite, maximising blood flow and opening of the tangled nerves. Benefits:
  • Great tool for reducing cellulite, maximising blood flow and opening of the tangled nerves. HOW TO USE:1. Before you begin ,make sure your skin is clean and apply a facial oil or moisturiser of your choice.2. Start from the base of your neck and roll upwards working against gravity.3. From the center of the chin roll upwards towards the ear in one direction.4. Apply pressure of your choice all over the face moving in an upward direction.5. Finish by rolling from the middle of the forehead out towards the temple.”
Gently glide the Jade spike roller over clean skin 2-3 times daily for 5-10 minutes. The roller is moved with just the weight of the roller pressing the skin. No additional pressure is needed or of benefit. Can be used before application of make up or whilst applying creams to encourage deeper penetration of skincare products. Forehead - From the center of the forehead, moving either left or right, begin at the hairline, rolling slowly towards the ear. Repeat 3 to 6 times over the same area. Eyes - Using the small roller, work the lids and under eye area. Continue rolling in strips from the corner of the eye to the ear with the small roller. For sinus pain and pressure - Dampen a washcloth and microwave about 10 seconds. Place over your forehead, eyes and cheekbones. Then starting just above your eyebrows, using the smaller roller, roll from the center of your face and continue down to just below your cheekbones. Cleaning: Jade can be wiped gently with a soft damp cloth and then dried with an absorbent soft cloth. It is good to leave it on a cloth or a towel for a little while after cleaning to make sure it is completely dry before putting it away. Never wipe Jade with very hot water or soak it in water. Also, do not expose Jade to harsh chemicals or cleaning agents as it would erode the finish and polish. Note: Jade spike roller not suitable for use around eye area.
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Dromen & Co Jade Spike Roller 70 Gm

Dromen & Co Jade Spike Roller 70 Gm Mkt: Mahak Pharma Pvt Ltd

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