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Pushing our liver capacity, consumption of excessive alcohol builds up a toxic substance called acetaldehyde. Due to the inability of your liver to process this substance, it enters your bloodstream causing toxic effects on the brain, stomach, and liver, which, in turn, result in nausea, gastric pain, and a headache - the symptoms of a hangover. A formulation made of premium all-natural ingredients traditionally used for treating alcoholics and sufferers of liver cirrhosis, it helps to expel the bad stuff out sooner. LIVitup provides your body with nutrients to break down the acetaldehyde alcohol produces. Additionally, it protects your liver against inflammation and ridding the body of minor alcohol withdrawal.

  • LIVitup reduced acetaldehyde (a toxic by- product of alcohol consumption) secretion into the blood which reduces the hangover (nausea, vomiting and headache) in the short term.
  • The herbal components protect the liver lining from cirrho

1-2 capsules before partying to prevent hangovers | 1 capsule daily before breakfast to protect the liver lining.

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Key Ingredients: Arogyavardhini ras, Kalmegh ghan and Lactose.

Contra Indications: Pregnancy, congestive Cardiac Failure, Renial Failure.


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    Arogyavardhini ras, Kalmegh ghan and Lactose.
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No more hangover!

A friend bought these and gave me two pills before drinking so that we don’t get a hangover the next day. I didn't believe him but still had them. I'm still surprised because we drank a lot that day, but we didn’t get a hangover and got to work on Monday morning.
Posted on 22 May 2018
Rekha Jhaveri
Verified Buyer

Amazing product!

I am a science student, which means I need to attend all the important lab sessions. I had one on a Saturday morning, but my friends decided to go out Friday night. I didn't want to miss the party so I went with them. We got a little carried away and drank too much. Luckily I remembered to take LivItUp (introduced to me by my friend) before I started drinking. Its the only reason I could wake up on time and make it to class in a decent-enough shape. The pills are very effective and they saved me
Posted on 23 April 2018

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