Caladryl Diaper Cream 40 gm

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Diaper rash is one of the most common dermatological conditions of early childhood. It is a rash that develops on the skin in the diaper covered area (buttocks, perianal region, and inner thighs). Most children experience a diaper rash sometime during their diaper-wearing phase. Applying a thick layer of a zinc oxide diaper rash treatment, such as Caladryl Diaper Cream at each diaper change will soothe and protect your baby’s irritated skin.
Key benefits
· Caladryl Diaper Cream, starts acting 2 times faster than ordinary creams which means less pain for your baby. • It has higher quantity of zinc oxide that helps heal diaper rash quicker. • It has olive oil and glycerin which is known to be mild and gentle on baby's skin.
Direction for use/Dosage
· Once you have finished cleaning the diaper area your baby’s bottom, pat it dry (no rubbing!) before applying a thick layer of Caladryl Diaper Cream. • Apply liberally on and around the diaper rash to form a thick layer. • Apply the cream at least 2-3 times a day or every time the diaper is changed (whichever is higher).
Safety information/precaution
Other Information
· Zinc oxide: Helps heal diaper rash and forms a barrier between baby's skin and diaper • Oil and Glycerin: mild and gentle on baby's skin

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