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Key Benefits
Direction for Use/Dosage
Safety Information/Precaution
Other Information
Fruits & vegetables Disinfectant tablets
  • Purify water
  • Disinfect Fruits & Vegetable
  • Effective Disinfection of Non-Peelable Fruits, VegetaDirections for USE:
  • Take a tablet from the bottle with dry hands & replace the bottle cap immediately.
  • Put one tablet in 20L water & let it dissolve (for more details refer to leaflet inside the box).
  • Put fruits & vegetables (after removing any visible mud/dirt/leaves) in the prepared solution and leave them in for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the produce from the prepared solution & store in the refrigerator after removing excess water and air drying.
  • Rinse fruits & vegetables properly with drinking water before cooking or consumption. Disinfectant tablets can also be Used for: Floor & surface disinfection Mix 1 tablet in 10 L water for mopping floors at home & office. Utensil disinfection Mix 1 tablet in 20 L water for soaking non porous Utensils (steel, melamine, bone china etc) Rinse after 10 minutes. Ideal for catering & food industry. Disinfect water in overhead tank 1 tablet in 500 L water of overhead tanks, fit for Domestic use after 30 minutes. Ideal for contaminated water supply. Camping & outdoors 1 tablet in 200 L water from natural water sources, can be used for bathing, cleaning, cooking after 30 minutes
  • ISO certified
  • FDA approved
  • GMP compliant
• Protection against germs: Kills 99.9% of germs and makes fruits, vegetables and other store-brought edibles fit for consumption. • Multiple Uses: It disinfects water for domestic and camping purposes. It is good for disinfecting utensils, house, office floor and making natural sources of water fit for use. • Travel friendly: These tablets are compact and easy to carry. Thus, they can be used for disinfection as and when required. • Highly effective: One tablet is enough to disinfect 500 litres of solution for all your daily chores. • Recommended by WHO: The key ingredient in these tablet, NaDCC or Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate is recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for disinfection purposes.

1. Take a tablet from the bottle with dry hands & replace the bottle cap immediately.

2. Put it in water (refer to the table below for the ratio) & let it dissolve. Purpose of disinfection - for 1 tablet. ? For storage of refrigeration: 10 ltr – 100 ppm ? For immediate consumption/cooking: 20 ltr – 50 ppm

3. Remove dirt from the groceries/ produce, put them in the solution. Soak for 30 minutes.

4. Remove the produce from the solution, shake off excess water & refrigerate (for longer shelf life). 5. Before cooking or consuming it raw as salad, rinse it with drinking water.

Not for oral consumption

Avoid inhaling vapours

Do not expose the0020product to flames

Do not incinerate

Avoid prolonged contact with stainless steel

Wear gloves while dissolving

Do not mix with acid or cationic detergents Store in a cool & dry place away from heat, moisture & sunlight.

Each uncoated tablet contains Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate: 1.67gm Available Chlorine: 1000mg


    Shelf Life
    24 Months
    Item Weight
    200 gm g
    Each uncoated tablet contains Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate: 1.67gm Available Chlorine: 1000mg
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