Bixa Botanical Jamun Seed Powder 200 gm

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Jamun (Botanical – Eugenia jambolana), also popularly known as jambul, jambolan, java plum is a nutritious seasonal fruit found in abundance in Asia. Jamun fruit is eaten as a health snack in many parts of the world. Jamun is a delicious tropical plum-like fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. Fruit, seeds, bark and leaves of Jambul have medicinal properties. Jamun is loaded with antioxidants and Flavonoids essential for a healthy body and mind. As compared with other fruits, Jambul provides lesser calories making it the perfect choice in a healthy diet!

Jamun helps as Astringent in action and has alleviated Kapha/pitta reducing property. Jamun is widely distributed throughout India and ayurvedic medicine (Indian folk medicine) mentions its use for the treatment of diabetes mellitus. As per Ayurveda Jamun Seed Powder supports healthy digestive functions, is an excellent home remedy for stomach bloatingness & irritation in the intestinal layers. Jamun or Java plum is also administered with mango seed Powder to support in case of diarrhoea & dysentery. Powder of seeds in jamun juice is excellent for individuals with a suppressed immune system and as anti-oxidant.

The Glucoside Jamboline present in Jamun is said to have power of checking the pathological conversion of starch in to sugar in cases of increased production of glucose, thus regulating sugar metabolism. Jamun also promotes lowering of quantity of sugar in urine & allays the unquenchable thirst in diabetes.

For Diabetic health, Digestive health, antioxidant
As per recommended dosage or as advised by health practitioner
Keep away from children. For pregnant and lactating ladies take health practitioners advise. Store in cool & dry place
Ingredient: Jamun Seed Powder


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Bixa Botanical Jamun Seed Powder 200 gm

Bixa Botanical Jamun Seed Powder 200 gm Mkt: S A Herbal Bioactives LLP

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