Adel Acid Nitricum. 200 Liquid 10 ml

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Acid nitricum (HNO3 solution) has an affinity for outlets of the body where mucous membranes and skin meet. Acts on hydregenoid constitutions. Indicated for sticking pains as if from splinters. Pain appear and disappear quickly. All discharges are offensive especially urine, stool and perspiration. Marked bleeding tendency from blisters and ulcers of mouth and genitals. Acts well on patients with chronic diseases who take cold easily and are disposed to have diarrhea. Acts best on irritable, hopeless, vindictive people who are in despair with fear of death and sensitive to pain ,touch and jar.
  • Acid nitricum is indicated in ulceration of cornea, ophthalmia, photophobia and iritis.
  • Acid nitricum is indicated in colds with nasal bleeding, caries of mastoid process.
  • Acid nitricum can be used for bleeding gums, mouth ulcers with salivation and splinter like pain.
  • Acid nitricum is effectively used for hemorrhoids, fissures in anal area where there is constriction and constipation and severe splinter like pains.
  • Acid nitricum is a remedy for discharge of pus from urethra, for offensive urine, needle-like pain in the opening of urethra, phimosis, thin stream of urine which is offensive in complaints of prostate gland.
  • Acid nitricum is used to treat ulcers on the tip of penis and vagina with smarting pain and bleeding on touch, wart like growths on the penis which bleed on touch; also used for irregular menses and yellowish discharge from vagina which is offensive,
  • Acid nitricum is indicated for violent cough with blood tinged expectoration, especially during night.
  • Acid nitricum can effectively cure offensive foot sweat and sweat in armpits especially at night.
  • Acid nitricum cures bleeding and irregular shaped ulcers on the skin and warts which bleed easily
As recommended by the physician
  • Warning: works only when the symptoms of the drug matches perfectly with symptoms of the patient
  • Skin symptoms may aggravate before there is improvement.
Composition: Potentised form of nitric acid


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Adel Acid Nitricum. 200 Liquid 10 ml

Adel Acid Nitricum. 200 Liquid 10 ml Mkt: Adelmar Pharma GMBH

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