1. Shubho Nabobarsho, have a healthy and prosperous Bengali New Year

    Shubho Nabobarsho, have a healthy and prosperous Bengali New Year

    The first day of the Bengali New Year calls for a great celebration. Enjoying good food comes through best on Poila Baisakh. The houses of the localites are filled with the aromas of authentic Bengali delicacies, especially sweet treats because it's a popular belief to start the year with sweets such as Rosogollas, Payesh and more. The New Year cuisine for lunch, contains various preparations of curries and rice. Here are few traditional dishes along with their health benefits. Kosha Mangsho:This Spicy Bengali Mutton Curry aka Kosha Mangsho is a festive lunch recipe that would be loved by all.  Expert Tips: The primary component in kosha mangsho is of course, mutton. Mutton is a large...
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  2. Enjoy and celebrate Vishu

    Enjoy and celebrate Vishu

    Vishu has a charming tradition. The elder in the family lights up the lamps at dawn, then goes to each member of the family one by one, wakes them up without allowing them to open their eyes, and takes them to view the Vishukani. The sight of the golden splendour of different items that comprises the Vishukani is said to bring prosperity and wealth.A Vishukani typically consists of golden-yellow fruits, vegetables, and most importantly the Konna flowers (Cassia fistula) which bloom in the season. The selection of items includes rice, lemon, yellow cucumber, coconut, jack fruit, betel leaves, coins or currency notes, and an oil lamp (nilavilakku). 1. Vishu...
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  3. Celebrate Chithirai Varsha Pirappu

    Celebrate Chithirai Varsha Pirappu

    Tamil New Year is celebrated on the first day of Chithirai month, the solar cycle that usually begins on April 14. Tamil New Year is celebrated by cleaning the house, wearing new clothes, going to the temple, and cooking dishes using neem flower and raw mangoes that represent good health, growth and prosperity.1. Mango PachadiMango Pachadi is one of the traditional dishes prepared for Tamil New Year’s Day.  Mango pachadi represents arusuvai that has all the different flavours of life - sweet, salt, spice, bitter, sour and astringent. The significance of this is to make you realize that life is a blend of mixed emotions like good, bad, happy, sorrow, victory and defeat and you must face them equally. Here are few health benefits that these dishes provide you. Expert...
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  4. Painless dental treatment: Stem cells to replace tooth fillings

    Painless dental treatment: Stem cells to replace tooth fillings

    A revolutionary discovery by researchers from two leading international universities reveal that human teeth may no longer require artificial fillings. Instead, infected pulpy tissue inside the tooth can be repaired and regenerated with stem cells.The future holds promising treatment procedures, involving minimal human efforts, and maximal recovery. With the advent of numerous techniques for high-risk sophisticated procedures, researchers tend not to overlook the low-risk diseases commonly impacting larger populations. One such innovative and revolutionary discovery involves the use of biomaterials for treating diseases of the human tooth. The human tooth consists of three layers, namely, pulp, dentin, and enamel. The pulp is the innermost sensitive tissue layer, dentin is the outer bony one, and enamel is the outermost calcium...
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  5. India’s elderly population is growing, are we prepared to meet their needs?

    India’s elderly population is growing, are we prepared to meet their needs?

    The growth rate of India’s senior citizens has been pegged three times higher than that of the country’s overall population due to decrease in fertility rates, delayed marriages, and declining infant mortality. Advances in medical science, public health and nutrition have also contributed to their longevity, but is the country prepared to take care of its elderly?India stands on the second number across the world in terms of population, with 1.3 billion people inhabiting the country. It comprises 17% of the world’s total population. According to the United Nations Population Division, India’s population can surpass China’s by 2028. With the population expansion, the growth in strata of older population in both absolute and relative terms is remarkable. In 2011, India’s elderly population stood at 10 crores, predicted to reach...
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  6. A simple checklist to detect prostate cancer early

    A simple checklist to detect prostate cancer early

    Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer that usually affects men over the age of 40. However, there have been cases of prostate cancer being detected in men as young as 18. Find out about the symptoms for early detection of this cancerCancer or uncontrolled cell division at the prostate gland men is known as prostate cancer. It is the layer that covers the neck section of bladder and provides seminal fluid. Prostate cancer is seen only in men and occurs majorly after 40 years of age. However, the susceptibility to prostate cancers starts at the early age of 18-20 years. The most common symptoms of prostate...
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  7. Soak and sprout Buckwheat for optimum health benefits

    Soak and sprout Buckwheat for optimum health benefits

    A wholesome gluten-free seed packed high in both protein and fiber, buckwheat is the latest addition to the list of ingredients becoming increasingly popular among nutritional food lovers across the globe. Try soaking and sprouting buckwheat to get the most nutrition out of this power-packed seed.Popularly referred to as a pseudo cereal, these triangular shaped seeds are related to Sorrel, Rhubarb and fall into the category of Amaranth, Quinoa. Buckwheat seeds also referred as ‘groats’ have antioxidants like rutin, tannins, catechin in abundance and if you swear by gluten-free eating, this is a...
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  8. 6 ways cucumber can keep you cool this summer

    6 ways cucumber can keep you cool this summer

    The sizzling summer has set in we are all experiencing exhaustion as a result of the hot weather. A major factor that helps you to stay cool during summer is your diet, and when it comes a good mix of health and hydration, look no further than the humble cucumber to detoxify and rehydrate your body. Cucumbers are one of the healthiest vegetables that purifies the body both inside and out. Every cool bite of this refreshing and nutritionally dense vegetable is filled with nutrients like Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Riboflavin, B-6, Folate, Pantothenic...
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  9. Asthma: Oral v/s inhaled corticosteroids for treatment

    Asthma: Oral v/s inhaled corticosteroids for treatment

    For treatment of asthma, there is often debate around which form of treatment is more beneficial - oral or inhaled corticosteroids. Both have certain side-affects that patients must be aware of. Read on to know how different oral medications may affect users.Corticosteroids comprise a significant class of naturally occurring and synthetic steroid hormones. A common part of prescriptions, their therapeutic effect involves affecting the production of corticosteroids in the human body. It forms the mainstay treatment for both Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary...
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  10. The many health benefits of coconut water

    The many health benefits of coconut water

    Coconut water is a refreshing, wholesome drink packed with several vital nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for a range of summer diseases. Read on to learn more about why coconut water is invaluable to us for the summer.Coconut water is the liquid (juicy content) found inside the hard seed or endosperm of young and tender coconut. Coconut waters/liquids are clear and sweet. They comprise of beneficial elements such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and other plant based hormones, enzymes, and amino acids. Coconut water tastes best when green and unripe, usually found and sold by street vendors. With respect to nutritional value, it comprises of contains 95% water and minimal fat. 240 grams of coconut water comprises of 9g carbohydrates, 3g fiber, 2g protein, Vitamin C (10-12%), Sodium (10-12%) and Calcium (6-8%). Coconut...
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